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well....there are 5 different limited edition cards in extra and 12 in match attax. if u buy some thing special like: * stater pack * the tin * match of the day magazine you probely will get them

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Q: Is limited edition possible to get in Match Attex or Match Attex extra?
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In Match Attex what number is Tim cahill limited edition?


How do you get Gary Linekar limited edition in Match Attex?

luck or eBay ha

Is a Frank Lampard limited edition Match Attex card rare?

no you get it in the tin

How many limited addition Match Attex cards are there?

There are 13 limited edition cards all together

How can you get joe hart limited edition Match Attex?

you say joe hart is a idiot

How do you get a limited edition signed in a packet of Match Attex?

get more than 20 packets

How many theo walcott limited edition Match Attex are they in hull?

There are 4 limited edition theo walcott match attax in hull! Mostly in west hull

Is florent moulda in limited edition for 2011 Match Attex?

its a good sight to go fishing

Best Match Attex card ever2009?

David Dunn Limited Edition Match Attax 08/09 Given out by mistake - sells for over £300

Where can you find Match Attex limited edition cards 2007-2008?

best place I found for these cards is eBay... hope this helps =)

What is the Manchester United Limited Edition Match Attex?

Berbatov in the extra set 08/09 season More info at

What is the limted edition is the best in Match Attex?

Value on eBay wise it is David Dunn Limited Edition, now sells for over £500 More info at