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yes it is

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Q: Is leeds fan base bigger than Newcastle?
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Is Glasgow bigger than leeds?

Glasgow is a bigger city yes!

Is leeds bigger than aberdeen?


Do leeds have a bigger fan base than Aston villa?

During, the late 20th century and very early 21st century, Leeds United had a larger fan base than Aston Villa. Since Leeds United's decline, they have lost a small amount of fans, and due to the Aston Villa takeover, and Martin O'Neill, Aston Villa are starting to gain more fans, so the fan base is actually fairy equal at the minute, however if Leeds United stay in Legue One, the fans will get fed up and give up Leeds. Therefore, Aston Villa will have more fans

Is Newcastle bigger than Glasgow?

No. Glasgow is much larger than Newcastle.No. Glasgow is much larger than Newcastle.No. Glasgow is much larger than Newcastle.No. Glasgow is much larger than Newcastle.No. Glasgow is much larger than Newcastle.No. Glasgow is much larger than Newcastle.No. Glasgow is much larger than Newcastle.No. Glasgow is much larger than Newcastle.No. Glasgow is much larger than Newcastle.No. Glasgow is much larger than Newcastle.No. Glasgow is much larger than Newcastle.

Who has a bigger fan base Newcastle United or Manchester United?

Manchester United's general attendance is higher than Newcastle's, and the Red Devils are generally recognised as one of the biggest club teams in the world in terms of followship, ticket sales and merchandise revenue.

Is Liverpool bigger than leeds?

Yes Liverpool has won more trophies and is in the Barclays Premier League, unlike Leeds who are in the Championship league below the BPL.

What is bigger a nucleotide or a base sub unit?

A nucleotide is bigger than base sub unit.

Other than the capital city what are major cities in england?

Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, Bristol, Exeter, Sheffield, Nottingham, Oxford, Coventry, Norwich, Southampton.

Which eight football clubs have never played lower than second tier of English football?

West ham leeds man u newcastle arsenal everton tottenham liverpool

Is Yorkshire larger or leeds?

Leeds is a city, Yorkshire is a county. With this information theoretically you should be able to comprehend that being a county, Yorkshire is quite obviously larger than Leeds. Also, in Yorkshire, there are more towns, villages, shops and people than in the smaller city of Leeds. In future it would be a lot wiser to question google with your query, or just use simple common sense, because anybody with an IQ over the score of 5, should be able to understand that in England, counties are bigger than the cities within them. And as a footnote, Leeds is in Yorkshire, so if Leeds were to be larger then the county would be Leeds, and not Yorkshire. Thankyou very much, goodbye.

Who are the bigger club everton or leeds united?

Everton, More major honours and they are in the topflight!(Have been longer than any other team)

Which is a stronger base Cl- or F-?

F is the stronger base because it is bigger than Cl

How can I record a measurement bigger than the base unit?

Scientific notation

How heavy is a softball?

there bigger than a base ball but not much heavier.

Are Newcastle United better than Sunderland?

Here Newcastle are clearly better then Sunderland.

Is carlisle further north than Newcastle?

No. Newcastle is 30 miles further north.

Is Leeds Travel useful for areas other than Leeds?

Leeds Travel provides real time travel information for in and around Leeds UK. It does not provide information for other areas in the UK or the world.

Is 0.9 bigger than 0.909?

No. 0.909 is bigger than 0.9

Why is seathwaite wetter then Newcastle?

seathwaith is wetter than Newcastle because seathwaith is on higher reagin soit rains lot up .But Newcastle is down so it rains less there.

Is a liter bigger than a kiloliter?

No it is not. A liter is the base unit of measurement, and a kiloliter is 1,000 liters.

Is leeds utd older than Manchester utd?

No, Leeds were founded in 1919 and Man united Were founded in 1878

What is nearer to Rayleigh Leeds or Manchester?

Manchester is further south than Leeds - so Manchester is closer to Rayleigh.

Does sunderland have a better football team than Newcastle?

No way! Newcastle have won every single game against Sunderland. And I support Man City not Newcastle or Sunderland!

Is there anything bigger than a liter in metric capacity?

The SI base unit of volume is the cubic metre. 1m3=1000 litres. So the metre cubed is bigger than the litre.

Who is better leeds or Leicester in football?

Well Leicester Football Club are better than Leeds. There are many reasons why, 1 reason Leicester had over 100 points in Npower league 1 but leeds had less than 90.2 reason Leicester came first in Npower league 1 and Leeds came second.