Is lebron better than MJ

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Yes! Lebron is number 1.

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Q: Is lebron better than MJ
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Who JuMpS higher MJ or LeBrOn?

well mj's vertical says that it is higher than lebrons

What are all organism that have many cells?

Kobe Bryant is the best basketball player ever. Way better than MJ and better than LeBron James. Know one will ever be as good as him.

Who is better mj at 33 Kobe at 25 or lebron at 25?

mj at 33 because he would be most experianced answer mj was better at ever age 23 25 24 21 doesn't matter what age he is domntit

Is kobey better than lebron?


Was Kobe better than LeBron James in high school?

NO LeBron James was and still is better than KobeKobe is way better than LeBron will ever be!!!!

Who wears number 23 in the NBA?

LEBRON JAMES! and Michael Jordan used to but lebron is better LeBron moved to 6 and now Shelden Williams wears 23 and MJ was 20 times better than LeBron. Jason Richardson of the Orlando Magic, Louis Williams of the 76ers, and Marcus Camby also wear 23.

Who is better Kobe Bryant LeBron James or Kevin garnett?

Kobe Bryant is the best and will e than lebron. all lebron can do is drive and be hopeful to get fouled and dunk. once he gets old like 30 he wont have the strenght that he has right now and will be utter nonscence for the word great. Kobe is and always will be better than Kobe. lebron says it all the time that Kobe id beter than him. newest one on 60 minutes. lebron James is the greatest in a few years he will be better than mj

Is Kobe Bryant better at everything than LeBron James?

no, lebron has a better shot than Lebron James, but Lebron is quicker, stronger, and more athletic, than Kobe.

Is Kobe better than Lebron James?


Is braynt better than lebron?

what r u on, lebron is way better

How many rings will lebron have when he retires?

None sike lebron will have seven like Mj did you wanna know why cuz mj won a ring in his sevnth year like lebron is finna do

Is lebron better than kevin durant?

Yes Lebron is all around better than Durant!

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