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LeBron James is better playing as a Heat. He will get more and more comfortable playing with Bosh and Wade, as well as the 3-point man, James Jones.

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Q: Is lebron better in the heat or cavs?
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Why did Lebron James join Miami Heat?

He joined the Heat, because he feels he has a better chance of winning with them, versus sticking to the Cavs.

When was Lebron traded to heat?

Lebron was traded to Heat when he announced in a interview with the Cavs. that he is moving to another team.

Which 2 teams had the biggest rivalry in the ABA?

it was the heat and the cavs when lebron James was on the heat

Is LeBron James Hated by Cavs fans?

Yes. Lebron James promised to the Cavs that hed stay with them because he was their only GOOD player on the team. But, Lebron left onto a better-working team, Miami Heat on 2010. He left because the Cavs needed a good player for once, and he was pretty much the Cavs whole career. When he left, the Cavs sucked again, and needed a good player. Although, they later received Kyrie Irving, they are still mad and angry at Lebron for breaking a promise and leaving the Cavs to another team. The team still remains with hatred toward his decision to leave, and not to stay.

What is LeBron's NBA jersey number?

23 on the cavs, but 6 on the heat

Is lebron going to the heat?

LeBron James had announced he was going to the Miami Heat on July 8, 2010 however he returned to the Cleveland Cavs in 2014.

Which NBA team is better the nets or the cavs?

The heat is better than the nets and the cavs!!!!!!!!1

What are the top three picks that Lebron James could have signed with?

Bulls, Heat, Cavs

Is LeBron James still with the cavs?

Yes LeBron James is still with the Cleveland Cavs as of August 2016.

How much money did the cavs offer LeBron James?

The Cav's did NOT offer Lebron James enough money therefore he left to play for the Miami Heat.

Who does LeBron James play for?

lebron James used to play for the Cleveland cavs but after his free agency in the summer of 2010 he now plays for the Miami heat

Did LeBron James play for the nets?

No - he has only played with the Cavs - until 2010 when he will don a Heat jersey

Is LeBron James still on the Cavs?

No he isn't. LeBron James signed a contract with the Miami Heat before the 2010-11 NBA season. James has played for the Cavs ever since being drafted by them, with the first overall pick of the 2003 NBA Draft. Making his departure to the Miami Heat a very big deal amongst NBA fans in general and Cavs fans in particular.

How long was lebron with the cavs?

Lebron James play for the Cavs aka Cleveland Cavaliers for 7 NBA seasons from 2003-2010.

Why does it take the Heat so long to sign LeBron?

They are competing with the Bulls, Cavs, and Knicks among others - and, most importantly, LeBron, himself, has yet to make his decision.

Who will win NBA playoffs?

cavs will when because they got the best lebron and if it comes down to me James is better then Bryant

Does lebron play for cavs?


When did Lebron start the NBA?

2003 with the cavs

How did LeBron James start his career?

On cavs

Will lebron and the cavs win the finals?


What teams has LeBron James played for besides Cavaliers?

If you are talking about NBA then just the Cavs but he is about to play with th Heat wacth :)

Who has a better team the Cavaliers or the Lakers?

the lakers because Kobe has a better mid-jumpshot than lebron and lebron barely has anybody to help him and Kobe has pau gasol Ron artest and shannon brown all lebron has is verejoe moe Williams and shaq the lakers have a better coach they have Phil Jackson the cavs just has mike brown the lakers have a better roster a better coach and more talent so the answer is very clear any questions? And by the way, that was the answer for the years before 2011. In 2011, LeBron moved to the Maimi Heat. So Lakers by a lot.

How long did LeBron sign a contract for the Miami Heat?

About 2 months.In that time period, he got offers from the Bulls,Knicks,Cavs,and the Heat.Because dwade resigned with ChrisBosh,Lebron decided to go to south beach.

Did lebron James go to the finals with the cavs?

Yes he did in 2007. I know this for a fact because the Cavs beat my Pistons.

Will LeBron James go to the Knicks?

yes lebron James will sooner or later probably go to the knicks apperantly his 10 years of being on the cavs is over so he has to go to a different NBA team LeBron James is going to he heat.