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LeBron James 23 is the captain of the Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball team

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heck yaeh

You mean the KING??

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Q: Is lebron James captain of the Cleveland caviliers?
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What team was LeBron James on in 2007?

Clevland Caviliers

What was lebron James favorite team he played for?

The Caviliers. That is the only team he has played for besides the Miami Heat

Do LeBron James and kid cudi know each other?

Yes, they have, a number of times since Kid Cudi is from Cleaveland and LeBron Has played for the caviliers.

What position does LeBron James mostly play?

LeBron James usually plays forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

What team was lebron James in?

LeBron James announced he will be playing for the Miami Heat.

Who is captian heat wade or Lebron?

Lebron James is the captain by far

Who was LeBron James drafted by?

Cleveland Cavaliers

Who is the richest person in Cleveland?

lebron James

Is LeBron James still with the cavs?

Yes LeBron James is still with the Cleveland Cavs as of August 2016.

What was LeBron James first team in the NBA?

Lebron James first team in the NBA was the Cleveland Cavaliers.

When did Lebron James go to the NBA?

LeBron James went to the NBA Finals in 2015 with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

How many champions are there in Cleveland cavaliers with lebron James?

Zero. Lebron Left