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yes lawn tennis and Badminton

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Q: Is lawn tennis associated with the double fault?
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The term double fault is associated with?

Table tennis, or Lawn Tennis

Which game is the double fault associated with?

lawn tennis

Which sport is associated with the term 'double fault?

lawn tennis

Is double fault associated to tabletennis or lawn tennis?

lawn. in table tennis, the other player gets a point on a single fault, whereas in lawn tenns, you get two chances, and your opponent will get the point on the second fault.

Davis cup is associated with which sport lawn tennis or table tennis?

Lawn tennis

Which sport is associated with the Davis Cup?

Lawn tennis or table tennis

Wimbledon is associated with which game?

lawn tennis

The trophy knows by the name of Grand Prix is associated with?

table tennis, Lawn Tennis, Shooting

Is the Davis Cup associated with tennis or lawn tennis?

Traditionally, tennis was viewed as a game to be played mainly on the lawn.As a result, most earlier tennis clubs or associations were named as 'Lawn tennis associations".In Australia, for instance, the tennis association, not so long ago, was named, the LTAA or the Lawn Tennis Association of Australia.Originally, the Davis Cup was seen as mainly a lawn tennis tournament, but it has now moved along with the times, and can be played on various surfaces.

What are the information of lawn tennis?

lawn tennis is a tennis

Which is the term used in lawn tennis?

There are many terms used in lawn tennis. Some of those words are volley, ace, baseline, break, advantage, fault, let, set, tiebreaker, return, serve, set point and receiver.

Where is lawn tennis played?

lawn tennis is usually played on a lawn, which is grass

What is lawn tennis?

lawn tennis is tennis. It was the original name when tennis courts were made with grass

Is rohan bopanna a table tennis or a lawn tennis player?

Lawn Tennis

When discovered lawn tennis?

when was lawn tennis invented

What is long tennis?

You probably mean "Lawn" tennis. Lawn tennis is simply tennis played on a grass court.

How many players in a lawn tennis doubles?

there are 4 players in lawn tennis doubles.

When was Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum created?

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum was created in 1977.

When was Orange Lawn Tennis Club created?

Orange Lawn Tennis Club was created in 1880.

When was Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club created?

Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club was created in 1887.

When was Lawn Tennis Association of Australasia created?

Lawn Tennis Association of Australasia was created in 1904.

When was Lawn Tennis F.C. created?

Lawn Tennis F.C. was created on 1995-01-22.

When was Pennsylvania Lawn Tennis Championship created?

Pennsylvania Lawn Tennis Championship was created in 1894.

When did Pennsylvania Lawn Tennis Championship end?

Pennsylvania Lawn Tennis Championship ended in 1974.

When was Lawn Tennis Association created?

Lawn Tennis Association was created on 1888-01-26.