Is la galaxy an Italian team?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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No L.A. Galaxy is a U.S. team. (Los Angelas)

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Q: Is la galaxy an Italian team?
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What is LA's professional soccer team called?

LA Galaxy.

Was David Beckhams second team LA Galaxy?

No. LA Galaxy was his third team. Manchester United was his first and Real Madrid was his second

What team does David Beckam play on?

La Galaxy

Which team did boudewijn zenden come from?

LA Galaxy

Which team does ryayn giggs play for?

La Galaxy

Is soccer player David Beckham moving to the Galaxy team?

David Beckham is an LA Galaxy player. But he has been linked to a few English and Italian clubs, but he will not move until at least January when the next transfer window opens.

What team is beckham playing for in 2007?

He is playing for the LA Galaxy

Which team does David Beckham currently play for?

La galaxy

David Beckham played in which American team?

LA Galaxy

Who is the best MLS team in FIFA 10?

LA Galaxy

How many people are on La Galaxy soccer team?


Soccer when did beckham move to la galaxy team?

He wanted to finish his career playing in LA