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Q: Is kyrie irving Magic johnsons son?
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Does rod strickland have a son that plays college basketball?

No. The Strickland that plays for UNC, is Dexter Strickland, son of Dexter Strickland Sr. Rod Strickland is different. He is btw, the Godfather of Kyrie Irving.

Did Drederick Irving ever play in the NBA?

I don't believe he did. I read in an article about his son, Kyrie, that he (Drederick) played professionally in Australia. Nothing was mentioned about him playing in the NBA.

What are the release dates for Son of the Beach - 2000 A Tale of Two Johnsons 2-8?

Son of the Beach - 2000 A Tale of Two Johnsons 2-8 was released on: USA: 29 May 2001

Who played chet danbury in The Dead Poets Society?

Colin Irving, son of author John irving.

Does magic Johnson's son have HIV?

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He be niggin

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he had autism and was placed in an institution.

Where did magic Johnson's son play college basketball?

Michigan state

How many children did bram stoker have?

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magic son

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Does Magic Johnson have any relatives?

yes, a 1st cousin Bernard(jack)johnson son of his uncle TD

As of February 2001 there have been 5 pairs of presidents with the same last name Which two are not related?

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