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No, Kohli and Shakyawar are two completely different castes.

However, Koli* and Shakyawar (Kori) are sub-castes of same caste.

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Q: Is kohli or shakyawar is the same means caste wise?
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Is gautam bhramin and kayasth are same caste?

Yes they are from the same caste

Is makkar caste is scheduled caste?

No, ofcourse not. They are a subcaste to khatri (punjabi: meaning kshatriya) caste. Kind of same as Kapoor. So infact they are upper caste.

Is mehra and kori are same caste?


Is thiyya and thandan are same caste?


Does the Bhowmick caste belong to Brahmin caste?

Yes, they share the same gotras as brahmin gotras.

Was Gujar and jat a same caste?

gujar caste kaun si comunity me aate hai


Bikkina & Bikkani (both are same) belongs to Kamma caste

Are mahato and mahanta belong to same caste?

Yes they are same these are both of Kurmi, Hinduism Caste..mainly in Jharkhand, W.Bengal, Orissa & Bihar.

Is thiyya and thandan are same caste in kerala?

Thandan and Thiyya castes. are different thandan caste is the name also used as a synonym for another distinct caste group, being the Ezhavas of the same region.

Is hatagar caste in karnata and hatkar caste in maharastra are one and same?

Nope. Hatagar caste in karnataka comes under lingayat. and hatkar caste in maharastra comes under Dhangar

Which caste in Andhra pradesh does the Napa Surname belong?

Napa or any surname is belongs to "Human" caste. Please do not see caste/religion/race. All human beings are born in the same way but why the hell caste/religion came. Caste/religion are created to guide the human beings to live better life not for marrying the girl in the same religion/caste.

Does caste system and outcaste mean the same?