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It's a Martial Art, All Martial Arts can kill. But using Martial Arts for killing is a bad idea. Use Martial Arts for Self Defense.

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Q: Is kenpo a killing martial art?
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What martial art starts with k and ends with o?

KabudoKempo (kenpo)

What martial arts style kenpo derive from?

Kenpo, or Kempo, is a combination of several martial arts. It has moves from karate, kung fu, aikido and jujutsu.

What kind of martial art was used in the book of Eli?

its looks like a combination of muay thai and American kenpo and the machete Denzel Washington uses is a Kukiri

The Power from Snap was used in a Movie Martial arts movie?

That was 1991's "The Perfect Weapon" with Jeff Speakman. It featured a lot of the martial art kenpo. However, the villain did the routine in the beginning of the movie to The Power by Snap!.

How is Tae Kwon Do different from kenpo?

Kenpo (or kempo) is a term applied to several different martial arts. The Japanese use kenpo to refer to all Chinese martial arts in the same way that English-speakers use the word kung fu. Kenpo is also used to describe several Hawaiian martial arts. Some Okinawan martial artists use the term kenpo to describe their karate system.Taekwondo - the most popular martial art in Korea is dominated by kicks with various open and closed hand strikes, knees, and elbows used for self defense. Punches are less common in Taekwondo tournaments, but can score points if delivered with enough force. Kicks are sometimes delivered while spinning and jumping. Kicks to the head score extra points. In the sport of Taekwondo tournaments, there is no grappling or ground techniques, but those skills are taught in the Martial Art curriculum of Taekwondo. Olympic competitions are allowed full-contact sparring (adults only) with protective gear.Shorinji Kempo - a Japanese martial art strongly influenced by Shaolin kung fu and Japanese Zen Buddhism. It can be practiced both as a religion and as a fighting method. To show respect for all life, this martial art form has no killing moves, and always emphasizes the need to do minimal damage when confronting an enemy. Instructors are forbidden from making a profit from their teachings. Competitions are designed around paired demonstrations in which accuracy, realism and rhythm are evaluated by judges much like gymnastics competitions.Nippon Kenpo - a Japanese martial art featuring full-contact sparring competitions. The art places equal emphasis on striking, immobilizations and take-downs. It is a popular training program among Japanese policemen.Kenpo Kai - a traditional form of Japanese karate inspired by Shaolin kung fu. In August 2004, the first official Kenpo Kai World Championship was organized in the Japanese city of Hamamatsu.American Kenpo or Kenpo Karate is a system of martial arts created by Ed Parker, characterized by the use of quick moves in rapid-fire succession intended to overwhelm an opponent. It is largely marketed as a self-defense system, and is derived from traditional Southern Chinese kung fu and other martial arts found in the cultural melting pot of Hawaii.Yes, taekwondo and keno are different arts, similar, but different.

Did Elvis know martial arts?

Yes, he did. Elvis was an eighth degree black belt in Kenpo Karate. He was trained by the creator of American Kenpo himself, Ed Parker.

What martial art is firebending based on?

Judging by the smooth flowing movements they make they remind me of kung fu or maybe even kenpo karate. but most likely it is based on kung fu.

What is ken-judo kenpo?

a martial arts characterized by the use of quick hand strikes in rapid succession.

What does No Limits Martial Arts teach?

Karate, Muy Thai, Kenpo, Krav Maga, and self-defense.

What types of people practice kenpo?

Kenpo, also translated as Kempo or known in America as Kenpo Karate is a form of martial arts. It can be practiced by anyone who is interested in the fighting sports, self defense or just staying healthy through a form of workout that is not completely boring.

Is there any Wushu martial art instruction near Joplin Missouri?

I looked for one as well but as it turns out alot of places will say yea we teach wushu but they combine it with other martial arts like kenpo and some others but there are no traditional wushu trainers near joplin

What is the Brazilian martial art based on dance?

Capoeira is the martial art.

What is the difference between karate and martial arts?

Karate is a martial art. It is all under one catagory, Judo is a martial art, Tae Kwon Do is a martial art

Is judo a martial art?

Yes, Judo is a martial art that was based on JuJitsu.

What is lock flow and what style Martial Art is it?

Its not a martial art its a training drill.

What is the best place to learn martial art in VA?

It is Majest Martial Art.

What is the most common martial art?

World Wide: Shotokan Karate Olymipc Martial arts: Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Wrestling, Archery some may consider shooting a Martial art as well. USA: American Kenpo Karate and variants although the term MMA is now being used to replace other school titles and curriculum's offer some kind of striking and some kind of grappling, there is no standard

What is the style of shotokan?

it is an okinowin martial art from japan it is an okinowin martial art from japan

What martial art did they use on la femme nikita?

Mixed Martial Art (MMA)

Which is the fastest martial art in the world?

The fastest martial art person was Bruce Lee.

Was pankration the first martial art?

No; most martial arts historians are in agreement, that it is wrestling which holds that honor. No, actually, the first real martial art is believed to be an inian martial art known as Kalarippayattu.

Is judo a Japanese martial art?

Judo is originally a Japanese martial art which emphasises throwing.

How do you patent your own martial art?

You don't patent a martial art. You can copyright the name or the manuals for it.

What french martial art is for moving over and around objects?

The martial art you are looking for is Parkour.

Is kenpo karate the martial arts for breaking bones?

Kenpo allows the use of weapons along with the regular karate strikes. It has some deadly strikes which have the intensity of breaking bones of weak body parts. However a Kenpo school does not teach its students to attack others. It focuses to defend yourself with effective but minimum harm to the opponent.