Is kelly kelly married to miz?

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No they are not married to the Miz nor has she ever dated him. He has been dating Maryse for the last three years.

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Q: Is kelly kelly married to miz?
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Is the miz dating kelly kelly?

No Miz is dating Maryse, Kelly has never dated Miz, or CM Punk nor is she married to anyone. (Oh really then how comes theres pictures all over the internet of kelly kelly dressed as cm punk? If shes not married to Cm Punk then she used to be.) kelly Kelly has never been married she is currently dating a hockey player!!!!! As for dressing up as CM PUNK she did it for halloween geezzzzz

Is kelly kelly engaged to the miz?

The miz is engaged to maryse

Is kelly kelly married?

No Shes Engaged To Mike Mizanin A.k.a The Miz Feb 2009 She is not now nor has she ever been engaged to the Miz nor have they ever dated!!! She is dating a wreslter from New Japan. Miz is dating Maryse from Smackdown! Jovy loves Kelly kelly no miz is not dating maryse. maryse does not enev like miz. Dec.20 she is dating evan bourne

Who is married to The Miz?

The Miz is not married yet..

Why does Kelly Kelly love The Miz?

She doesn't!!! They are not dating in real life. The Miz is gay

Does kelly kelly love the miz?

No they are friends kelly is dating a hockey player and the miz is still dating Maryse

Does miz love kelly kelly?

No they are friends kelly is dating a hockey player and the miz is still dating Maryse

What did the miz do to kelly kelly on raw yesterday?


Who is married to ted dibiase jr?

he is married to lovely and selfish and much more ugler than kelly kelly ted dibiease needs to pick somebody pretter like the miz

Does kelly kelly like WWE superstar in WWE before?

Kelly Kelly... has liked the miz before... usually men like her, but she doesn't like them.(except for the miz)

Does kelly kelly have a boy freind?

Kelly Kelly does not have a boy freind but she likes the Miz

When is the miz going to get married?

the miz is dating maryse maybe theyll get married

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