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No. You hit people.

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Q: Is karate a non contact sport?
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Is karate a contact sport?

Yes, Karate is a contact sport.

Is gymnastics a contact sport?

No, it is not. Gymnastics is a non-contact sport.

What is a non contact sport?

A non-contact sport is a sport where the players do not come into contact with one another at all. They are separated. Non-contact sports include swimming, bowling, volleyball, skiing, tennis, etc.

Is karate sport with Full Contact?

Some schools teach karate as a sport. Some schools teach karate as a martial art. Schools of both types may allow full contact, however, most will not as the insurance requirements and liability are too high to allow it. As such pads and protective gear will be required.

Is karate an olympic sport?

Karate is not a sport and as such cannot be in the Olympics. Taekwondo, a Korean sport that draws on many karate techniques, is codified to allow it to be done as a sport.

Is football designed to be a non-contact sport?

Absolutely not.

Is football a non-contact sport?

Yes it is jonny

Is karate a boy sport?

No, karate is a unisex sport. It is made for both male and female.

What kind of sport is soccer.?

A non-contact sport these days

Where was the sport karate from?

Karate originated from Okinawa, japan.

Is basketball a non-contact sport?

Basketball is a Contact sport that allows limited contact.... this is demonstrated through rebounding and posting up as there is a fair bit of contact involved.

Is karate a cruel sport?

No, Karate is not a cruel sport, no it teaches people how to defend themselves and have fun.

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