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I on Rivertown Auquatics. It is not hard unless it is your first year of being competitive. For example if your ten and under its obviously easier than making a senior time!

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Q: Is junior Olympics hard to make for swimming?
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How many women go to the Olympics for swimming?

If you are from the Us and want to go to the Olympics in swimming, first you have to make a time standard to qualify for Olympic Trials. There are many events, but you can swim a maximum of six at Trials. The top two finishers for each event go to the Olympics. There are 14 individual events, and there are also 4 relays.

How can tides affect swimming?

They can make it very hard to swim. They can make the water uneven. It can also make the swimmer more tired.

Do Dog swim?

some boxers love swimming and their webbed feet make swimming easier but its hard for them to swim because their bodies are so dense

How do you try out for swimming in Olympics 2012?

If you are in the United States then first you must be a registered USA Swimming member. Then you must make a qualifying Olympic Trials cut. After that, if you finish in the top 2 at Trials ( for most events) you will be selected to be on the 2012 Olympic Team:)

Would my current training hrs km 6-8 times a week swimming and 2 times a week land training get me to Olympics?

Yes, that seems to be a vigorous and physically demanding regimen. If you continue with this training schedule religiously, you will surely make it to the Olympics.

Will swimming make you bulky?

No because swimming is classed as a cardiovascuar exercise that doesn't involve any spesific weight lifting. Also it is very hard for women to gain muscle as we don't have to right hormones.

Why are people standing at each end of the lanes in swimming at the Olympics?

because those r the people that make sure they dont cheat and plus thats the finish line and start line

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Shortly after winning the gold medal in the 1976 Olympics in the junior welterweight division. Ray had told people after the Olympics that he was quitting boxing for good but his father became seriously ill and he resumed his career to make money to take care of his father.

How did Yusra Mardini of the Refugee Team make it to the Olympics?

Yusra Mardini is a Syrian swimmer who is now living in Berlin, Germany. She is on the Refugee Olympics Team at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.While escaping the violence in Syria her boat broke down, and she and another girl got into the water and pushed their boat to safety with their swimming ability.

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What swimming style should you use to make your chest stronger?

the butterfly stroke cuz u have to put ur chest above the water which to me is kinda hard.

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