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yes he can not do anything hes so rubish even delph for villa can do anything better than mata


matas rubish

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โˆ™ 2014-01-30 14:26:55
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Q: Is juan mata rubish for man united?
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What team is better Man U or Chelsea?

Your opinion. Mine is MU they have Juan Mata and Rooney and Van Persie.

How many man united players have also played for Chelsea?

Juan Sebastien Veron

Which man united player only played 1 game for Chelsea before joining Manchester united?

Juan Sebastien Veron

Is mata hari a woman or a man?

A woman

Which players played for man united and then played in Italy?

The guys i can think of right now are Juan Sebastien Veron and Jaap Stam Andrei Kanchelskis played for United then moved to Fiorentina, Ray Wilkins moved to AC Milan from United

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Man united players played under Ferguson who now manage?

1. Paul Ince - Manchester United player, Blackburn Rovers 2. Steve Bruce - Man United, Wigan Athletic 3. Mark Hughes - Man United, Manchester City 4. Roy Keane - Man United, Sunderland 5. Gordon Strachan - Man United, Celtic 6. Lauren Blanc - Man United, Bordeaux 7. Mark McGhee - Man United, Motherwell 8. Darren Ferguson - Man United, Peterborough 9. Chris Casper - Man United, Bury 10. Viv Anderson - Man United, Middlesbrough asst manager 11. Brian McClair - Man United, Manchester United Youth 12. Chris Turner - Man United, Hartlepool Director of Sport

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What actors and actresses appeared in I Dream - 2010?

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What was Man United names be for Man United?

newton heath

Who has more trophies Liverpool or Man United?

Man United.

Who is better team Man united or Arsenal?

man united

What actors and actresses appeared in The Man - 2010?

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What is Manchester United chant?

Glory Glory Man United. Glory Glory Man United. Glory Glory Man United. And United go marching on on on

What is the order of premiership winners?

1993, 1994 - Man United 1995 - Blackburn 1996, 1997 - Man United 1998 - Arsenal 1999, 2000, 2001 - Man United 2002 - Arsenal 2003 - Man United 2004 - Arsenal 2005, 2006 - Chelsea 2007, 2008 - Man United

Who as had most penalties man united or man city this season?

Manchester united

What is the Nationality of Man United Vince Hayes?

The Nationality of Man United's Vince Hayes is England.

What is the Nationality of Man United Anderson?

The Nationality of Man United's Anderson is Brazil.

Is it likely that Rooney will leave Man United?

rooney might leave man united to switch to man city

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by getting back to a man or ababy

What is the man united moto?

Glory Glory Man United. They have a song for it. You hear fans sing and chant the song during the Man United games.

Who is the real united?

man united

Has arsenal beaten man united more than man united have beat arsenal?


What is the Nationality of Man United Billy Meredith?

The nationality of Man United's Meredith is Scotland.