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better than Darren lockeyer and mal maninga put together

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Q: Is jarrod hayne the best footy player in nrl?
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Who is regarded as the best rugby player ever?

jarrod hayne

Who is currently the best rugby player in the world?

jarrod hayne

Who is the best footy player in England?

Wayne rooney!

Who is the best Australian rugby league player?

jarryd hayne

Warren tredrea is the best footy player. no?

He was a good player but his time has now passed. He was never the best in any year

What is most popular basketball or footy?

footy is the best sport in the world.

Is Thomas Neville the best footy player ever?

only one person's better JUSTIN WESTHOFF

Who is best footy player in chms?

Danny Ryan, everytime I see him play, it's like i watch ronaldo!

What is the best footy club?


Is jarryd hayne the best?

Yes, of course he is... :)

Who is the best player in the Melbourne storm?

billy stater some people might say but who knows! jarryd hayne might be better still

Who is the best nrl player?

Jake Newmanno benji marshal (tigers Fan)