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Yes. Italy also calls it calcio (pronounced "kahltsho"). It's called football everywhere except the US, Canada and Australia.

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2011-06-01 09:27:16
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Q: Is it true that soccer is called football in Italy?
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Why does Italy call soccer football?

Many countries call soccer football, mainly because they do not play American (NFL-style) football, or if they do, it's not as popular as soccer. The term "football" refers to a category of games in which the ball makes contact with the foot in the normal course of play. This is certainly true of soccer, and to a lesser extent, rugby and the NFL. It is customary for the most-popular football game in a country or region to be called "football", using various other names for the other forms of football. The proper name for soccer is "Association Football".

What does the acronym soccer stand for?

soccer is not an acronym... sorry! True, soccer is not an acronym. But let me give you a bit of background on the word. Football as we know it is technically called Association Football. People started to shorten this to Assoc when they referred to it, and then the word evolved to soccer.

Why do they call soccer football in Chile?

The game's true name is, "association football". In formal circles that is how it is referenced. However, in various countries around the world it is called, 'soccer'. This is the case in regions where other football codes are the more locally popular code - especially in countries which have formed their own brands - such as US and Canada, where they use the term exclusively for American/Canadian football. In Australia, Australian football is called football; therefore association football gets called, 'soccer' there. It is also called soccer in Ireland, New Zealand, parts of Africa, etc.

Where did Football?

Soccer comes from association football the first part of the word, soc, is in it. As for Australia changing to football, that's not true at all, everyone still calls it soccer, or poofterball.

What does soccer mean?

'Soccer' comes from the word 'association'. The 'Football Association' was formed in England to administer the Sport. It was an association of Football clubs. The game they administered became known as 'Association Football' to differentiate it from 'Rugby Football' which was also invented in the 19th Century. 'Soc' is a common diminutive of Society or Association, and so the game became known as 'Soccer'. There is now a myth in England, that only Americans have ever called it 'Soccer', whereas the British call it 'Football' and always have. This myth is not true. As recently as 30 years ago, everyone in Britain called it Soccer. Only our mothers ever called it 'Football', and we ridiculed them for it!!! 'Soccer' was the name adopted by the US when 'Soccer' (as it then was known) was first marketed earnestly in the States. Possibly BECAUSE the Yanks started calling it 'Soccer', the perverse British started calling it 'Football', and now bare-facedly lie that they have NEVER called it 'Soccer'. i think it has somethin to do with scoring or the roman gods

Why did the US change the names football into soccer?

Because someone in the U.S. invented a much better, and infinitely manlier sport that they called football. There was no need to further take up such a great name with an ultimately failed and stupid girly sport. NOT true at all, first soccer is just a nickname for the original Football, the original name for American Football is Gridiron. The united states tried to change the name football into soccer because they want to be dominant of everything. Football (for americans soccer) is really called football all over the world except th U.S. P.S, football is the most pupular sport in the world, more pupular than Gridiron.

At What age did Frank Lampard start playing football?

he started played soccer not football when he was 8 years old (true story)

Is Ryan Better Than Mark At Football?

Yes, it is a true fact of life that Ryan Dawson is better than Mark Birkinshaw at Football. Not Soccer. FOOTBALL

Is football in Australia soccer in the US?

No. In Australia, the term "Football" [colloquially "footy"], mainly refers to the Australian football game, also called, "Aussie Rules". Even in the two states that play much more rugby than Australian football, they do not reference soccer with the word 'football' - the 150+ year tradition within Australia has therefore long been to be speaking of either Australian football or one of the rugby codes - 'league or union' when football is mentioned. The only change that has occurred is that the major soccer / "association football" league in Australia has changed its own lead name from "Soccer" to include the word "Football", but certainly, neither the general populous, nor the culture as a whole refers to soccer by the term football. The chief governing body of Australian Football has long been named, "The Australian Football League". The true name of the soccer brand of football, by the way, is actually "Association Football".

What are the 3 popular Italian sports?

Football/soccer, American football (its true), and I believe something along the lines of tennis or squash. Im not sure about the last one

Is Gaelic football and Gaelic soccer the same?

Whilst the true name is Gaelic Football there are references made to the same sport using the term Gaelic Soccer. However, few use the "soccer" reference as it gives the impression it is similar to Association Football (Soccer). Followers of the game, especially Irish supporters would not use the soccer terminology in the same context as Gaelic Football. The only real similarity is the use of a round ball and goals at each end of the pitch. The game is derived from "caid" (said Kad). Gaelic football was first formally coded in 1887.

A goal in soccer is called a field goal and is worth 2 point true or false?

A goal in soccer is called a field goal and is worth 2 point - That is false

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