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yes and some times die

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Q: Is it true that ducks flew into Bronco Field at Boise State?
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When was the last game that the Oregon Ducks haven't gotten a first down in the first quarter of a game?

Thursday Sept 3, 2009 against Boise State.

Are the Oregon ducks better than Boise state?

I would say no but that's only my opinion and I'm pretty sure that anyone from Oregon would be most likely to defy me.

What field of study concerns ducks?


What state do the Anaheim Ducks play in?

The Anaheim Ducks play in Anaheim, California.

What is the state football team for Oregon?


Are the Oregon ducks better than Oklahoma state cowboys?


Are mallard ducks hunted by man?

Yes, mallard ducks both males and females are hunted by humans for food. A State hunting license and Federal duck stamp are both required to legally hunt mallard ducks in the United States. Also, ducks and geese can only be hunted during certain times of the year which is determined by the State/Federal Wildlife Agencies.

Who is Oregon State Ducks biggest rival?

The University of Oregon Ducks (UO) biggest rival is the Oregon State University Beavers (OSU) . Other rivals include: University of Washington (UW) and the University of Southern California, (USC).

Which is better Oregon ducks or Oregon state beavers?

It's really a matter of opinion.

What is a ducks species?

There are many duck species..Mallards, pintails, black, ringnecks, and many others..Consult a field guide.

Did Celtic children go to school?

Google 'Rubber Ducks Eating Marmite on a field of Coco Pops while swimming like a fish' and the answer you are looking for should come up. Hope this helps GROOVY RUBBER DUCKS! :)

Is it flocks of ducks?

Yes, the plural noun 'flocks' is a standard collective noun for two or more groups of ducks.The collective nouns for ducks are:brace of ducks (applies to birds, in general)flock of ducks (applies to birds on the ground, in general)flight of ducks (applies to birds in the air, in general)flush of ducks (a brood)badelynge or badling of ducks (applies to ducks on the ground)paddling of ducks (applies to ducks in the water)raft of ducks (applies to ducks in the water)team of ducks (applies to ducks in the water)