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No its not true at all. There are many famous male Ballet dancers.

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Q: Is it true that all ballet dancers are womens?
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Are ballet dancers fitter than footballl players?

Hell yes ballet dancers are stronger. Footbal players are all meat and muscle that isnt true. Ballet dancers also can go on pointe it takes extreme muscle time and effort to do that. Anyone can doggie pile like an idiot but can anyone do a double pirouette on pointe? The answer is no.

Do all ballet dancers love themselves?

You'd have to ask every ballet dancer to get a precise answer.

How much do ballet dancers make?

unless you are famous, average dancers don't make much at all!

How many pros do ballet?

There are countless numbers of professional ballet dancers in may different professional ballet companies all across the world.

What does a ballerina wear?

First of all, ballet dancers wear tights that are the color pink, usually called ballet pink. Also ballet dancers wear a leotard which consists of many different colors. most importantly, they have to wear ballet shoes, which is the most important uniform to wear. You would wear flat ballet shoes which are for the beginner or young dancers. For more advanced dancers, they where pointe shoes where you go all the way up well, on pointe or 'tippy toes'. During a performance, ballet dancers often wear decorated leotards and a tutu. Hopefully this helped.

What is the future of ballet?

To answer your question, (It is very good by the way) The future of ballet is all in the hands if small dancers, persuing there dream for their love of dance. Ballet is something that helped me get through a clutzy stage, and I belive provides all dancers with self confidence and a chance to feel elegant and beautiful. The future of ballet is going to simply be like it is now, except with more disipline, and new dancers for each generation of poised dancers to look up to. Hope this helped!

What are names of ballet dancerss?

There are so many ballet dancers in the world, I would think that it would be impossible to name them all at once.

What are the true name of all asf dancers?


What do ballet dancers eat?

All of the dancers i know includinig myself eat normally. Maybe if you are a professional you might try to eat healthier but nothing specific.

Why should jazz tap and hip hop dancers take ballet classes?

Ballet is the foundation for all kinds of dance and it helps with technique and the ability to hold your body.

Who were some famous female ballet dancers of the 1970's?

The most fabulous of all was Dame Margot Fonteyn.

What muscles do ballet dancers use when dancing?

Just about all of them. To pinpoint the exact muscles would take a very long time.

Do female ballet dancers shave their pubic hair?

To the best of my knowledge the answer is yes. My daughter's ballet teacher had a meeting with all the mothers and told us that she wanted all the girls to be fully shaved. She explained that she didn't want any panty lines showing. She also didn't want any hair showing under their light colored tights. She also said shaving was a time honored practice for ballet dancers. All the mothers understood the reasons and had no problem with the recommendation. My daughter said all her friends wanted wanted to shave whether they were dancers or not.

How do you change people's negative mindset about male ballet dancers?

Today the mind set that people have about male ballet dancers has changed a great deal compared to even as short a time ago as 30 years. you can change the mindset in those people close to you by simply being what you are and those that are not close to you and have some preconceived ideas shouldn't matter anyway you cant educate everyoneANSWER: First you march on Washington and demand that civil rights be given to male ballet dancers. A male dancer parade or two wouldn't hurt and bake sales and cake walks are always fun. If male ballet dancers weren't so uptight all the time maybe people wouldn't take such a negative view of them. I think male ballet dancers have a negative mindset about people who don't go to the ballet, which only drives a bigger wedge into the culture gap. Perhaps we could have a town hall meeting and resolve this. Also, maybe the male ballet dancers could petition the court, or apply for a fictitious business name with the city and find a better term than male ballet dancers.

What kind of dances are there in the movie of phantom of the opera?

mostly ballet (well its all ballet) because back in the period phantom of the opera was set ballet dancing was very popular to go and see for the rich even though being a dancer was frowned upon. the opera house would have its own ballet dancer's or tours of ballet dancers.

Are tattoos acceptable in the dance industry?

Which "dance industry" do you mean? Exotic dancers all have tattoos anymore. In ballet it's still not acceptable to have tattoos.

Where can one find reasonably priced ballet leotards?

Inexpensive ballet leotards are available from On Stage Dancewear, Discount Dance, All About Dance, Dance Wear Solutions, Dancers Warehouse, Dance 4 Less, and Amazon.

Was ballet first a part of Opera?

A ballet section was considered essentail in nearly all early opera, often on equal terms with the singing, in later years (about 1850 or so ) it diminished to the degree of the ballet section being there just to employ the dancers insted of giving them the night off.

Where does one purchase tickets for the Houston Ballet?

In order to purchase tickets for the Houston Ballet one should view the website for the Houston Ballet. The site gives details of all performances, information about the dancers and an online ticket purchase facility. Tickets may also be purchased from agencies such as Excite.

Is any member of Spandau Ballet gay?

I want all of them to be! "True" is such a sweet song! <3 :)

How do you make silver shoes?

You can buy them of course, or you can get a can of silver spray paint and make any pair you already have into silver ones. You can even add silver glitter to the wet paint if you like. Ballet dancers do this to their ballet slippers all the time.

How much is the ballet costumes cost?

This depends on what type of costume you are talking about. Most small studios order pre made costumes that normally cost around $80. On the other hand, professional, custom fitted tutus may cost up to $2500. This high cost depends on how many layers of tulle the tutu has and how much detailing the top of the tutu has. These tutus are often bought by ballet students in pre-professional ballet academies and youth ballet dancers that compete in competitions like PRIX and such that get you noticed by the ballet companies. Once ballet dancers get excepted into a company, all the costumes are re-worn and fitted to each dancer. The dancers pay no money for the costumes because they are owned by the company and they only wear them for performances.

What are all the ballet steps?

All of the ballet steps are:cotepliejumpsissonebut one of them are not a ballet step gust what is is ?

What are facts about ballerinas?

1) a ballerina is the name given to the princable ballet dancer in the company only. some or given the title of soloist and all the others are just ballet dancers. 2) ballet originally was only entertainment at the itervals of operas or plays. it was never ment to have its own shows. 3) some ballerina dont retire ntill they are 45 years old. some then go on to teach at a ballet academey. 4) a ballerina will wear out a pair of brand new pointe shoes every preformence! 5) a male ballet dancer can lift up to about 1-1 and a half tonns of female ballet dancers every preformance 6) after an exhausing 32 fouette turns a ballet dancers box of her pointe shoe is actually red hot because of the friction! hope i helped!

What do all dancers like to do the most?

Typically. dancers dance out of passion; a true love for what they do. Thus, I would say the thing they like to do most is perform; to promote their art to an appreciative audience.