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No it isn't

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Q: Is it true owen harts ghost was seen at the top of the tv screen?
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Is Owen Hart still with us?

Owen's Ghost has been seen in the arena still whereing the same outfit. There has also been some flikering lights in the arena and it is not the producers. Some say it is Owen Hart ready to entertain the fans one last time!!

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Did Wwe worker see Owen Hart's ghost in Blue Blazer's costume?

yes a lot of people have saw the Owen hart blue blazer ghost and only if you go to the kemper arena in kansas city well you can see him but be careful you might see him in the rafters and from what i seen and heard i think he's a little upset with vince McMahon would you be angry at him well i know i would

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i have seen a few it just depends some are not scary but my first was ghostcar but it ain't scary.swearing baby,jingle bells backwards, what's wrong with this picture, Owen Hart's ghost but that is sooooooooo not scary.

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