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A licensed professional can employ an unlicensed agent to perform professional actions.

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Q: Is it true or false that A licensed professional can employ an unlicensed agent to perform professional actions?
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Do I need a licensed mechanic to perform a minor automotive repair?

The answer to your question depends on what the minor repair is, and whether the unlicensed mechanic is someone you know and trust. I would suggest that if you have taken your vehicle to a shop the mechanic should be licensed, and if you want any damaged to be covered under a binding agreement to go with a licensed professional.

Do you have to be licensed to perform body hair removal in a business?

Hair removal should be performed by a licensed professional, especially if laser treatment is used. You will get a better outcome by using the expertise of an aesthetician.

how can I do professional home repair ?

First, you will need to be licensed to perform the repairs (electricity, building, etc.). Then, you will need to set up a business, advertise, and get customers for which to work.

How many licensed abortionists are there in the US?

The US does not have "licensed abortionist". It does have licensed physicians who perform legal abortions.

Can an unlicensed person do your hair at a hair salon?

if it is a women and she had a child then she could but if it was a men then he could'nt ________________________ No. An unlicensed hair stylist cannot perform any hair services at a hair salon.

Do you have to be licensed to perform laser hair removal in PA?

yes you have to be licensed to do anything when your under age

Can a licensed cosmetologist may perform electrolysis treatment?


What motivates you to perform better in your professional sphere of life?

perform better in your professional sphere of life

What does PLS stand for after a person's name?

PLS stands for Professional Land Surveyor. This means the individual is licensed by a respective State to perform Land Surveying. Common in the A/E/C industry.

When did Catholic priests get licensed to perform marriages?

Catholic priests have always had the authority to perform marriages but I am assuming they are licensed to perform marriages when they are ordained. Marriage, or matrimony, is one of the Seven Sacraments of the Church. Also, Catholic priests do not perform marriages but they actually witness them.

Can a licensed cosmetologist of PA perform facials in a salon?


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