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Yes, they are faster when they are put in the freezer.
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Q: Is it true if you put skateboard wheels in the freezer and the wheels stay hard?
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How long do blackcurrants stay good in the freezer?

Hard to properly respond to this, but, in general up to 10 days at 40-46 degrees

How trains wheels stay on track?

The wheels have flanges on the inside edges, they keep the wheels on the rail. The wheels would not stay on the tracks without the flanges.

Raw food must be thawed in the freezer?

No. If put in a freezer it will stay frozen.

How long does deer meat stay in the freezer stored in freezer bags?

12.75 days

Does a skateboard need grip tape?

grip tape is one of the most important parts to any functioning skateboard. it helps you stay on.

How long can alcohol in a glass bottle stay in a freezer?

It will stay good for years.

How long can cooked pork shoulder stay in freezer?

never put cooked meat in the freezer it will spoil

How long can a fresh ham stay in the freezer?

Six months to a year; if properly wrapped and if your freezer stays on.

How do you get English peas to stay fresh?

you put them in the freezer

How long does ground turkey stay safe in freezer?

Ground turkey should last in the freezer for 6-8 months.

What will happen if you take modelling clay roll it into two balls wrap the balls in a plastic wrap and then put one in a freezer and one at room temperature?

The ball in the freezer will harden and become stiff due to the cold temperature, making it more difficult to mold or shape. The ball at room temperature will remain soft and pliable, making it easier to manipulate. The different environments will affect the texture and workability of the modeling clay.

How long can eggplants pre cooked stay in the freezer?

two years