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No you are not at all can join now.

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Q: Is it too late to become a professional footballer at the age of 13 without a club?
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Is it too late to become a professional footballer at 19 years-old if you don't already play for a professional club?


When would you know you have the talent to become a professional?

When the professional club you are signed for as a kid tells you you are.

Is ther any footballer that does not play in a club?

No, there is not any footballer that does not play on a team or a club, because than they wont be called a footballer.

How does one become a professional goalkeeper?

First you need to join your local Sunday league club (NOT YOUR LOCAL PROFESSIONAL CLUB!) and hope to get scouted by a pro club. once you have been scouted you will be put into a youth team like if you get scouted by Arsenal you will be put in Arsenal Under- (What ever age group you are) from there you will progress through the age groups until you get offered a youth contract. after you have gotten past the age of 18 the club can either release you or give you a full time contract therefore making you a professional footballer.

What is the name of the professional English footballer who started his career with the Liverpool Football Club and who now plays as a striker for Manchester United?

Michael Owen.

Who is Nigel De Jong?

Nigel de Jong is a Dutch professional footballer. He plays for the Italian club Milan and for the Netherlands national football team.

I am 13 years old and want to be a Footballer however I am not part of a football club atm Can I still be a footballer?

Of course you can. You need to keep practicing and play and try to find a club to join or play with a team in your school if there is one. If you get really good you could join a team and get noticed and may even be picked for a better team. It is not easy to become a professional, as you really need to be extremely good to do that. That takes a lot of hard work.

Is it too late to become a professional footballer at 17 years-old if you don't already play for a professional club?

Never too late! Go for it. Answer= It's not too late, especially at 17. Believe me mate, if you're good enough and you believe that you can help any team by being there, you can make it!

What do you need to do to become a proffesional soccer player?

Join your local professional soccer club

What should you do to be a professional footballer?

Well first things first if you want to get into the game of soccer you gotta practise,you got to get out there and do your thing find the best time when to practise and do. Get into a football club and thy teach you how to play a good game of football.If your already good at football to you got to take it into the next step and do a trick you got to peform out there and try your best so you can win for money How clever are you? now you dont just get into a football club Because you good at the sport you have to pass a test to see if you wan that job and surely you will become a professional footballer.

How do you become a club penguin member without paying?

You can't.

How can you become rich on club penguin without the moneymaker?


How do you become a Sam's Club vendor?

I am interested in selling professional hair care products in your sams club

How can you become a professional soccer player in Australia?

Go into your local soccer team or a soccer club.

How do you become member on club penguin without paying?

That's not possible. You have to be a member to play Club Penguin.

How does one become part of the staff at Club V?

You can become a part of the staff at Club V by applying for a position. If you get the interview, make sure you dress professional and give a good fist impression.

How do you become a member on club penguin without paying money?

You can't!

How do you become a member of club penguin without buying a membership?

You can't.

Who is the fastest footballer in the club Barcelona?

Ibrahim Afellay

Who is the current richest footballer in Ghana?

Today the richest footballer is Michael Essien.Who plays his club football at Chelsea.

How can you become famous on Club Penguin without putting anything on Youtube?

Get diabetes.

When was Toronto Professional Hockey Club created?

Toronto Professional Hockey Club was created in 1906.

How do you become a member without buying it in club penguin?

You don't really have a choice. But if you buy Club Penguin merchandise or a Club Penguin voucher you don't have to do it on the website.

How many red cards has Marco materazzi gotten in his career international and club?

Actually before becoming a professional footballer he had received 21 yellow cards and 15 red cards, then after signing on as a pro-footballer to this date he has received 28 red cards and 58 yellow cards.

Can you become a member without paying in club penguin?

Yes, but you would have to hack into it which is not good.... or you can use club penguin cc which is good

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