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no that age is not to late even though it is not common

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It goes back to Ancient Greek times!

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Q: Is it to late to start a boxing career at 19 years old?
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Is twenty one to late to start a boxing career now?

yes it is too late unless you think that u are a great boxer i would suggest for you to find a different career and to get a life

Is it too late to start a legal career at 25?

Ask yourself this question... Where will you be in 6 years if you do not start a legal career? Still in a job you wish you weren't in because you wanted to be practicing law...and 6 years older. Go for it. It's never too late! My uncle went to law school when he turned 59. He's 69 now and going strong!

I am 19 year old is it too late to start boxing for me-?

No, it is never to late to learn how to box. You can find a local boxing club in your area and sign up.

Is sixteen too old to start a career in stock car racing?

No. It's not to late to start. ENJOY RACING.

Is it to late to start dance at fourteen years old?

No. It is never too late.

Is it too late start playing football at the age of 17?

Yes as by this age you will have a short career.

Can you start developing breast at 5?

No. Puberty can start from as early as 8 years to as late as 17 years.

When did Blondie start her career?

'Blondie' , Debbie Harry , started her career in the late 1960s with the band The Wind in the Willows . ~ See the related link below .

Is it too late to become a professional footballer at twenty one?

In football, as long as you are good, its never too late. Even if you aren't all that good, you can still make professional football at 21. Furthermore, its better late then never.

What if youre a woman in the nursing career and you've always wanted to play hockey is it too late to start?


What year did R. Kelly start his career?

either late 2005 or early or mid 2006....I don't remember.

What age does female puberty start?

Female puberty can start as earliest as 8-years old or as late as 15 years old.