Is it su padres or sus padres?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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sus padres

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Q: Is it su padres or sus padres?
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El hermano de mis padres es mi hermano?

No. El hermano de sus padres es su tío.

Las crias de animales se parecen todas a sus padres?

las crias se parecen a sus padres?

What is the Spanish translation for his?

his: su or sus or suyo

What is the word his when translated from Spanish to English?

The possessive "his" is "su" if it's singular (his book = su libro) and "sus" if it's plural (his books= sus libros) Because su/sus also means her, your, and their, many times the phrase will have a a qualifier "de él" tacked on.

How do you say you live with your mom dad brother sister and cat?

Vive con sus papás, su hermano, su hermana (sus hermanos) y su gato. Viven con sus papás, su hermano, su hermana (sus hermanos) y su gato. Vives con tus papás, tu hermano, tu hermana (tus hermanos) y tu gato. Vivís con vuestros papás, vuestro hermano, vuestra hermana (vuestros hermanos) y vuestro gato.

How do you say i know their parents in spanish?

Yo conosco a sus parientes or yo conosco a sus padres.

Como se llaman sus padres?

"What are your parents' names?"

How do you say you or your in Spanish?

You - the subject Tú or Usted Your- as in "your dog" Tu (informal sing), Tus, Su, Sus (Formal Plural) Tu perro Tus perros Su perro Sus perros

How do you say Teresa carries books in her backpack in spanish?

Teresa carga (sus) libros en su mochila 'sus' = 'her'

How do you say herring in spanish?

The Spanish word for her is ella. (ay-ah)*The pronoun "ella" is "she", the subject of a sentence or "her" the object of a phrase.The possessive pronoun "her" is translated as "su."

How so you say their in Spanish?

"su(s)..." their house (sing.) - su casa. their books (plural) - sus libros

Juan les regalos a sus padres?

Juan les dio regalos a sus padres.John gave gifts to their parentsAnswer:dio