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No. It can still be a no hitter. But a perfect game requires the pitcher to retire every batter he or she faces. A perfect game is broken whenever any batter reaches base, including by hit, walk, or error.

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Q: Is it still a perfect game if you walk a batter in baseball?
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Perfect game baseball?

A perfect game in baseball is when a picher retires every batter in a nine inning game.

What do you call a baseball game in which the pitcher strikes out every batter?

a perfect game

Was Mickey Mantle just a batter?

No, he was also an outfielder. He made a notable play in right field to protect Don Larsen's perfect game in 1956; a game which is still the only perfect game in World Series history.

If the third baseman drops a foul ball and is charged with an error and the pitcher retires everyone with no one reaching base is this a perfect game?

No. A perfect game is no runs, no hits, no errors and no walks. I believe that rule stands even if the batter does not reach base on an error. Opinion .... yes, it's still a perfect game. The definition of a perfect game is one in which no runner reaches first base (any way, hit, error, hit by ball, etc.). On a foul ball error, if the batter does not reach first base (strike out, any other way), he is still just another one of the 27 outs in a perfect game. Yes. The definition of a perfect game is 27 batters up and 27 batters down without a single batter reaching base safely. An error that does not result in a batter reaching base safely has no bearing on a perfect game.

When was Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League created?

Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League was created in 2010.

Who is the player behind the batter in a baseball game?


What is a perfect game in baseball?

It's 27 batters up and 27 batters down without anyone ever reaching first base.No Batter Reaches Base

How do you pitch a perfect game in Mario superstar baseball?

You may want to pitch a perfect game in Mario Superstar Baseball. There is no easy way to do it besides luck or by practicing.

What are rules for pitching perfect game in high school fastpitch softball?

A perfect game is when there are no hits, no walks, and no errors. In a perfect game no batter reaches base. A no hitter is when there are no hits. There may be walks and/or errors. In fact, it is possible to pitch a no hitter and still lose the game! Assume something like 4 walks in a row which would score a run. You could then lose 1-0.

Which the player in a baseball game who throws the ball at the batter?


Last batter in don larsons perfect game?

Dale Mitchell... out on a called third strike.

Can a batter change bats while at bat in a baseball game?


What continent does the baseball coach yell out to each batter at a game?


Can a pitcher be thrown out of the game if he hit the batter in the head with the baseball?


In the game of baseball the batter stands next to which base?

Home Plate

If a pitcher pitched a perfect game in a professional baseball game how many batters would he catch?


Who pitched the first perfect Major League Baseball game?

The first Major League perfect game was pitched by Lee Richmond on June 12, 1880.

Who was the 3rd peerson to bath in the baseball game on twilight?

Jasper, was the third batter.

In which game batter is allowed 3 strikes before he is out?

It is allowed in baseball and softball.

What is the rarest record in baseball?

.400 BA for Batters and Perfect Game for Pitchers.

Who was the first to pitch a perfect game in baseball's World Series?

Don Larson

What is the Wii sports baseball record?

All out of the parks and homeruns (perfect game).

Is a perfect game in baseball 300?

No. A perfect game is when a pitcher of one team, throws a complete game, without the other team being walked, or getting a single hit. there have only been 21 in the past 387,000 baseball games.

How many strikeouts did Sandy Koufax have in his perfect game?

In Sandy's perfect game against the Cubs in 1965 he struckout 14 batters ... he struckout every batter he faced at least once except for Don Kessinger.

What is the difference between a perfect game and a no hitter?

In a no-hitter, batsmen can reach base via errors or walks but don't make legal "hits." In a perfect game, no batter reaches any base (by any means.)