Is it spelled footy or footie?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: Is it spelled footy or footie?
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How do you spell footy?

That is one correct spelling of "footy" (Australian rules football).The spelling footie is often used for a thin or short sock, or for footed babywear.

How many names are there for soccer?

Soccer and Football are most common. Soccer is American, while Football is European. There are a few nicknames as well, including Footy/Footie, "the beautiful game", and "the world game".

Which country is footie played in?

In New Zealand footie can refer to rugby

What does Footie mean?

basketball . In the UK, 'footie' means football (soccer).

Where can you find cheap footie pajamas for teens?

You can find cheap footie pajamas for teens at the site below

How many players in each footy team?

there's 20 footy players in a footy team

What are some types of footy games?

Soccer is considered to be a Footy Game. Australian Football is also considered to be a Footy Game, just ask the AFL Footy Fans, where Australian Football is Footy Domain.

Do stores have Elmo footie pajamas for 12 year olds?

At 12 he/she is too old for anything Elmo and footie pajamas.

What is the nickname for the sport football?


Where can buy footie pajamas?

At snugabye.

What muscles are used in footie?


What does the word footie mean?