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Q: Is it proven that girls are treated better than boys in Gaelic?
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Are girls better athletes than boys?

Yes, it has been proven scientifically that they are.

Why and how are girls treated better then boys?

Girls are treated better than boys because they are usually more polite and at the younger age smarter.So in that case they get more attention.And also they are more emotional.

Do girls have better center of gravity than boys?

not yet scientifically proven yet

Do Boys Have Better Reflexes Than Girls?

Most of the time girls who play video games often are actually proven to have better reflexes than boys but not always

How come girls get treated better than boys?

boys think their better because they think their so cool , popular and sexy... Also, boys think "boys" are stronger because of gender!! But the truth is, is that girl's are actually stronger because they're the ones that give birth! And that hurts! Plus, girl's have Aunt Flow's (".s/periods) that are very painful!

What is girls in Scottish Gaelic and Irish?

In Irish Gaelic: cailíní also girseacha. In Scots Gaelic: caileagan

Gaelic word for girls?


What gender is a better driver girl or guy?

Girl, I'm not just saying that because I am 1 but because It's a proven fact. Girls have better focus than boys.

How do army girls get treated?


What is Scottish Gaelic translation for the girls name Dawn?

Names don't 'translate' unless they have a historical connection with the Gaelic cultures or are in the Bible.

What is the Irish Gaelic translation for the girls?

na cailíní na girsí

Who invented girls Gaelic football?

There is no patron saint of Ladies Gaelic Football, or any of the other Gaelic games.