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Either, depending on context. Usually, if used as a noun it is Scuba; as an adjective, as in scuba diver, it is just scuba.

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Q: Is it proper grammar to use scuba or SCUBA?
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What is the purpose of scuba?

SCUBA was invented for recreational and practical purposes. Some use SCUBA to experience underwater life in person, whereas others use SCUBA to perform underwater tasks, such as welding.

Why don't we use scuba fins?

We do... Scuba fins are used a lot in Scuba diving. You might not use scuba fins for, say swimming in a lap pool because they are generally fit around a neoprene boot.

What do scuba divers use to breathe?

Scuba - self contained underwater breathing apparatus

What is National Academy of Scuba Educators's motto?

The motto of National Academy of Scuba Educators is 'To fundamentally change the way the world learns to use scuba'.

How do you get scuba in Littlebigplanet?

There is a scuba diver power-up which you should use in water-related levels

How do you use the word scuba in a sentence?

While scuba is an acronym, it is no longer necessary to capitalize every letter of the word.I would like to upgrade my scuba gear.

How do you make a scuba suit in mine craft?

this is not possible u need a mod to craft and use a scuba suit.

Do you have to be a certain weight or body type to be a scuba diver?

No, you don't need a certain body type to scuba dive. Because you use flippers to SCUBA dive, you can be a very lousy swimmer and learn to SCUBA dive. You may look stupid with a very tight wet suit during scuba diving, but you can dive. When I got certified, I learned that you have a very slightly higher chance of the Bends during scuba diving, but this is a small percentage. The pros of scuba diving outweigh the cons.

What tools do limnologist use?

Scuba gear

What do you use the scuba wear for in big nate island?

you use it to go scuba diveing for some kind of crab trap thing thats in the water (you will get to it sometime)

Who uses a scuba-suit?

Many people use a SCUBA suit for diving. Sport divers, police divers and some Navy recovery divers.

How can one use Clorox to clean a scooba?

The Clorox can be applied to the scuba to clean it. To do this, you can just use a rag or scrubber that has Clorox on it, and gently apply it to the scuba. The Clorox will remove most of the debris.