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Yes , to win is reliant upon the particular situation of the game and the disposition of Chess men .

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Q: Is it possible to win a game of chess with just a castle and a king?
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What simuliteries did the judge see between the westing game and the game of chess?

you just manipulate the other player

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Where do you play chess?

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Can castling be done in chess when the rook is under attack?

Yes, if the rook is attacked, you can still castle. You just can't castle if the rook is either in check, or would be castling through check.

How can you play a game of chess on uscf?

First you have to aqquiere a membership.You can do it online or ask your coach on your school chess club.And the you just have to apply for tournaments.

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Basically travel chess is the game of chess that one plays while traveling, typically placed on a magnetic board using magnetic board pieces, it is the same game, just on a different, less luxurious, set.

In chess can the white rook take the black rook?

Yes, in chess this move is possible just as long nothing is protecting (infront,side) of the black rook.

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