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No, it is physically proven that a human is unable to go through a tennis racket.

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Q: Is it possible to go through a tennis racket?
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What are table tennis cases for?

Table tennis cases are used to hold and protect your table tennis racket. is one of many web sites you can go to check out selections of table tennis racket cases.

What are the basics for all good ground tennis strokes?

My tennis tutor taught me to keep the racket face vertical and go through the hit as though you are hitting 4 balls. At the start, the middle, the actual ball and the follow through.

What ball will go farther the ping-pong or the tennis ball if you hit it with a tennis racket?

Tennis ball of course. It is less affected by air ressistance because of its proportional surface area to mass.

How do you remove the rattle in your racket?

you lightly tap your tennis racket on the ground or a bed and have it so that your grip is facing downwards to the ground. Keep on tapping it until it stops or the easier option will be to go to a sports shop and ask if they can fix it. If they can't fix it go to a tennis shop and buy a new one the same brand if you like it or a new one if you want to try something different. Have fun playing tennis!!

Is hitting a tennis ball a push or pull?

It is a push. See you push it forward with the tennis racket, making it go forward, away from you. When you pull something, you're bringing it toward yourself. But when you hit a tennis ball, you push the ball away from you.

How long is a old tennis racket?

It depends how far back you actually want to go. The oldest form of racket would be the human hand used by monks in c.1000 for primitive racket games. However, the wooden racket was the tool predominantly used for modernised forms of the game from around the early 16th century to the mid 20th century. The standard wooden racket, which Major Walter Wingfield introduced along with the rules of lawn tennis, had a longer handle and shorter, rounder head than the modern racket, measuring on average 65 square inches around the head and 27 inches in length.

What is an overhead in tennis?

an overhead is when the other person hits a high ball in the air and then you go and swing your racket down on the ball so it hits it.

How much does tennis cost to play?

you have to get some tennis balls from the store and it will cost $18 bucks a bag for the good ones and for a tennis racket $75 for a ok one The cost depends by where you are playing. If it is a relatively nice tennis club it would be more. But if you go to a park district it is free.

Can you play tennis with a paddle tennis racket?

Not really, since the short handled, dead surfaced paddle will not allow you to use the full court. Try to find a paddle tennis court or, better yet, save your pennies and go on a cruise where the ships often have "deck" or paddle tennis available.

Where can you find cheap tennis rackets?

You can find cheap tennis rackets at sports shops. Good racket shops will stock the newest versions of all rackets, so if you go in the day before the new version of the racket is brought in, and ask the shop attendant for a discount on the old version. She should give you one. Ebay is also useful.

How much does a Chanel tennis racket cost?

it depends on where you go in a ninety nine cent store it would be around two dollars but overall the store is what matters.

How do you choose a tennis racket?

you deside if u like a light racket or a heavier one, then you find your grip size which you put your thumb on the bottom of the racket and it should go to the tip of your pinky, whatever feels comfotable you dont want it to big or small so it slips. you dont want it to be too heavy because it will take more time for you to swing and more difficult.

Can air travel through a tennis ball?

Yes, of course. The material a tennis ball is made out of is porrus. That is why tennis balls go flat.

Is a let a pronoun or an adjective?

It is neither. The noun "let" is a term used in tennis and racket sports.The verb let is an auxiliary verb (e.g. let us see, let him go).

How do you buy a tennis racket?

how?? go to a store and pick out a raket then you pay the lovley person at the counter, then that person will usually put the money in to this thing called a cash register, after that you can take the raket home with you....what a ridiculous question!

How many points do you play to in table tennis?

You play to 11 points in Table Tennis. You must win by 2 points, so it is possible to go beyond 11.

What is a good way to recognize prepositions?

Let's play tennis! A good way to recognize prepositions is to imagine a tennis net. Now think of a tennis ball as a preposition (e.g., the ball can go "through" the net, the ball can go "over" the net)

How is the force used to hit a tennis ball with a racket different from the force used to kick a rock you might find on the ground?

It is the same force but it is used more efficiently because the strings of the racket are put under tension like springs at the moment of hitting the ball, which with the ball's natural elasticity allows more energy to be transferred to the ball, making it go faster.

Were should you buy a tennis racket from?

Ideally you should go into a sports shop that will allow you to get a good feel for the rackets look and feel and also get something that suits your style, requirements and of course your budget! Failing that there are plenty of great sites that have good reviews on them of all the tennis rackets from all the major brands. Try to look at real customer reviews though rather than sales and marketing reviews that are obviously written to make you buy the racket without any real customer views or input.

Can you hit the net with your racket in badminton?

no, if you touch the net or go over the net with your racket, its automatically your oppent's point.

How do you hit a topspin forehand in tennis?

The most basic way to hit a topspin shot off the forehand in tennis are these following steps: 1. Get in ready position, which is: both hands on the racket facing forward 2. Turn side ways as the ball approaches and slowly let your left hand drop away from the racket 3. Have your racket facing straight back (as if it were a mirror and you were trying to see the back of your head) have your racket extended back at shoulder height. 4. Bend your knees and smoothly swing your racket down to the ground 5. Then pull it up as you receive contact, with your arm once again straight out. 6. Slightly turn your wrist to go over the top of the ball, then follow through across your left shoulder. Tips: Be sure that your are always going forward and stepping into the shot. Never step away like off to the side, because that takes away your power. Remember that your not going to get enough power by just using your arm: bend your knees then step through. You can tell when your not getting topspin because the ball will usually spin sideways when it's not correctly hit. Topspin is the keyword in this shot because it literally is going over the top of the ball.

There are 16 tennis balls 34 of them are yellow how many tennis balls are yellow?

Is that possible?Is this a trick?Well if you had 16 tennis balls and there is 34 of the balls are yellow. But there is only 16 balls and 34 of them can not go in too 16.So I am guessing that it is not possible!Or is it?I am confused!Help anyone?Well anyway my answer is 0.47.

How do you decide who starts serving in tennis?

to decide who will serve first, both players go to the net, each player chooses which side they want, one player spins their racket and whichever side it lands on that's the player that serves first

Where can you take tennis lessons?

You can go to Tennis coaching class.. Or if you want to know about tennis go to wikipedia. there you can find about Tennis.

How do you make a index card go through your body without cutting it?

It is possible for you to go through an index card, but not an index card go through you.