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If a player is in the defensive end, gloving the puck to a teammate is allowed.

If a player makes hand contact with the puck in the neutral or offensive zones and a teammate touches it next, a hand pass will be called and play is blown dead.

Should a player close his hand on the puck, a two minute minor penalty for Delay Of Game will be assessed.

Doing so in the goal crease by a player, other than the goalie, results in a penalty shot for the non-offending team.

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Yes, but you're supposed to immediately release it or you'll be guilty of "closing your hand on the puck", incurring by a minor penalty (NHL rule 67). What "immediately" means is often at the referee's discretion, but it's not okay to skate while holding the puck you caught.

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no they will just start a new face off on the circle nearest the save.

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Q: Is it out of bounds of a goalie catches the puck in hockey?
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How do you play goalie in hockey?

you block the puck.

After a hockey goalie covers the puck how does play resume?

well it depends. if its 3 on 3 you just take the puck from the goalie and resume play. if its regualr hockey the referee drops the puck at the closest face-off dot.

In hockey who's job is it to prevent the puck from entering the goal?

The Goalie

How does a a game of hockey resume after a goalie as cover the puck?

There is a face off on the goalie's team's side of the rink.

Can the hockey goalie kick the puck stop it with any part of the body or allow it to rebound off of the body or hand?

yes the goalie can do that but i don't think the goalie would want to kick the puck because it might result in a goal.Also the goalie can save the puck with any part of his body.

What is the role of a hockey goalie?

The role of a hockey goalie is to stand in front of the goal and attempt to prevent the opposing team from hitting the puck into the goal. Apart from staying focused on the puck and stopping it from reaching the goal, they are also charged with the task of moving the puck to strategic places for their teammates.

What does the position of goalie do in the game of hockey?

They block the hockey puck, made of solid rubber extracted from donkey balls

The goalie may stop the puck with their hands in hokey?

No in hockey goalkeepers can not use their hands.

When does the face-off occur?

The "face-off" occurs after every dead play.Examples:- the start of game- after there is a penalty- after there is a goal- after the goalie holds the puck- if the puck is shot out of bounds

In hockey if the netminder has been pulled and a player stops the puck from going in by closing his hand on the puck in the crease?

If this happens................ The player can touch the puck with his hand in the defesive zone, but if he does close his hand on the puck in the crease than a goal can be awarded if there is no goalie If there is a goalie then the other team can have a penalty shot.

What is a ice-hockey puck stopper?

The person who stops pucks in hockey is a goalie. They prevent pucks from entering the net and giving the other team a point.

How do you win a hockey game?

You get your act together, stop bending/dusting, get rid of your terrible goalie, and put the puck in the net.