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Q: Is it okay to play badminton while I'm having a period?
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Is it safe to take myra E when having a menstrual period?

is it okay to take myrae while having period

Is it safe to take Myra 400 e when having a menstrual period?

is it okay to take myrae while having period

Is it okay to tie your hair up while having nits?

yes it is okay to have your hair tied up while having nits

Can I take myra e 400 iu while taking contraceptive pills?

is it okay to take myrae while having period

Normal for delay period after IUD removal?

Each person has a different delay period after having an IUD removed. Some people may have a normal period right after the removal while others may not for up to a year. A doctor will need to be seen to make sure everything is okay with the delayed period.

How long can you get into the water after having a period?

Wait a couple of days after you've finished menstruating - you'll be okay.

Is it okay to be a vegetarian while having asthma?

Yes, being a vegetarian will not irritate asthma.

Is it okay to play sports while having your period?

Yes, you can do anything you like on your period. It's perfectly okay to play sports while menstruating and if using menstrual pads - with the exception of swimming and water sports. Active women do often prefer internal menstrual products like tampons, menstrual sponges, menstrual cups, or softcups, but it's perfectly okay for you to exercise with external menstrual products like menstrual pads. As long as you're comfortable it's fine.

You had a month without period is that okay?

no it is not okay

Can you have a missed period while taking acyclovir?

well, I took it a few times up to now, and my periods were okay.

What if your three weeks late for my period is this normal for 13?

Unless you are having sex, it is probably okay. If you are having sex ( which I would highly advise you not to at such a young age) , but if you are, you should consider taking a pregnancy test. If you are abstinent (free from sex), then it is probably okay. If you are just getting familiar with your periods, then it is common for your period to be irregular. It could even take up to two years for your period to regulate completely.

Have not had your period yet should you be worried?

If you worry about having your period, it's okay to worry. Talk to your doctor privately and tell him/her that you're worried about having your period. If you don't feel confertable talking to your doctor talk to your mom or other females in your family. Talk about it and find ways to be prepared for that day.