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That is your choice.

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Q: Is it ok to shave before a football game?
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Is it ok for a guy to shave his armpits?

Every guy does it

Is it ok to shave your dog?

yes but you have to watch you do not get too close to the skin.

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The Dust Bowl Football game is held in five states. Those states are TX, OK, KS, CO, and NM. The first game is held in Dalhart, TX on March 18th, 2013.

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It depends on the local standards at the school. I would say in general men and boys who need to shave should. Maybe 1 day of stubble is OK. Women and girls have the choice to shave legs/armpits or not.

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depends on the soup never mind dont do it

Your indoor cat has fleas you have tried the spot on treatments and they are not working you want to know if it is ok to shave her?

== ==

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That is ok.

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Yeah bro go ahead but it is going to hurt like hell and you are going to have to shave like a 3 day before cause if you get cut then it is only going to hurt worse Good luck bro

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i'd be surprised if you wouldn't we shave our nova scotia duck tolling retriever for rhte summer. (a smaller, reddish fur colored retriever0 so it's probably fine.

Why isn't your underarm hair growing back after you shaved it?

It takes a while to get there so it will take a while to get back... But why would you shave your underarm hair