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No. You should be talking to a doctor, not a website.

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Q: Is it ok to play football after you got a concussion a week ago if you still have constant headaches?
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What are some reasons why you would still have headaches days after hitting my head?


Why is it when you had a concussion you got back to sport 2 weeks later then you had bad headaches and still 3 months later you still get bad headaches when you play sport and iv never had this before?

You do better having a talk to a medical doctor about that. It's possible you've had a small brain bleeding.

Can you play video games when you have a concussion?

Yes, you can still play video games with a concussion. In fact, when I got a concussion, that is all I did.

You got a concussion on Sunday Went to the er on Monday for severe headaches nausea slurred speech being spacey etc Its Wednesday and you still have headache and nausea is this normal?

These symptoms may indicate a concussion which needs to be monitored and possibly treated. See your physician or headache specialist for diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Do you get headaches if you need glasses?

Yeah. I need glasses because I have headaches but I don't know why I get headaches but I don't read and I still do.

Did you get and still have headaches after getting an Ommaya?

i don't know. Do you get headaches?? I may be able to explain that.

Can you be an Air Force pilot with a previous concussion?

It depends on how you got it and if it is still effecting you

How does medical injury's affect proformance in sport?

It affects the way you react to things... for instance if you get a concussion and you still have "concussion like symptoms" and if you get hit again and get another concussion that's some serious brain damage... they are trying to help keep everyone safe in the sports industry.

Why are you having constant headaches numbness on your head dizziness bad taste on your mouth difficulty to concentrate after 2 root canals done in one tooth in three years?

If after two years, you are still having headaches from your tooth, you need to visit your dentist. There could be nerve damage from the bad tooth or root canal procedure.

How long do headaches persist after aneurysm clipping?

A long time!! I had one in 2001 and still have headaches. I have medication though that helps alot.

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How long can my concussion last?

A concussion with excrutionary pain should immediately be sent to the Emergency Room concussions can lead to blood clots in the brain causing bleeding to death. If its minor still go to the Hospital.

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Will Chris Pronger return to the Philadelphia Flyers?

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Can hitting your temple cause headaches?

Yes, anytime you hit your head you can get headaches from it. I just hit my temple slightly yesterday, and I still have a headache. You have to hit your head pretty hard for anything serious to happen, but headaches are common when you hit your head.

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Could you still have a weird feeling in your head after a head concussion that happened a year ago?

Possibly, but that is not very common. You should consult with a medical professional - preferably the one who originally assisted you with the treatment of your concussion - to get some specific advice on what this might be.

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