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Of course it is.... Why wouldn't it be?

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Q: Is it ok for Muslim girl to be a cheerleader?
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Is am making the cheerleader team?


Is it ok for a Muslim girl to kiss her fiance on the lips but they are not married yet?

No it is not allowed at all.

Is it ok for Muslim girls to go to a non Muslim male dentist?

That is their choice, but it is 100% forbidden in Islam. A Muslim man can marry a girl from any religion without making her convert, but a Muslim girl cannot marry a boy who is non-Muslim even if he is a convert.

How do you get a cheerleader to like you?

she is a normal girl.

Is 150 pounds to big to be a cheerleader?

no it not you can be any size to be cheerleader ok so dont let your size get in your way when you are trying out k

What is the plot of you were a non blonde cheerleader?

Uh. You don't have to be blonde to be a cheerleader. I am a brunette and I am still a flier, best tumbler, and a cheerleader. You also don't have to be a girl.

Is dima bashar a Muslim?

Yes she is a Muslim girl and I am also a Muslim girl.

Is dima bashar Muslim?

Yes she is a Muslim girl and I am also a Muslim girl.

How do you become a hockey cheerleader?

to get a job in hockey such as an ice girl or 'cheerleader', you have to contact the arena and apply for a certain position.

Is it ok if a Christian girl and a Muslim guy date at age 13?

if you both like each other there is no reason not to date each other.

Christian girl will marry a Muslim from Pakistan?

What exactly is the question? If it's a problem that you are from different religion you need to ask your religious leaders what they think is OK since they are the ones that will wed you. According to Islam a Muslim is only allowed to marry a Muslim though.

Can a Muslim girl keep relation with a converted Muslim boy?

outside of marriage, NO. a girl cannot marry a boy who is not Muslim. if he is converted it is allowed. a boy can only marry a girl who is a Jew or christian or Muslim. preferably Muslim of course.