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I've been on a lot of other sites where people have been saying that their nipples/breasts are more tender around the time of their period. But I'm like you, my NIPPLES get EXTREMELY tender around the time I ovulate and go away a few days after I ovulate. I get very tender and sore BREASTS when I get my period, but the only thing that gets tender during ovulation are my actual nipples, not even the areola...very weird. It happens without fail every month when I ovualte- and I know I'm ovulating b/c I'm tracking my temperatures and doing OPK's. But I guess it's normal :) I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you're normal too!

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Q: Is it normal to have tender breasts and nipples a week before ovulation?
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You are getting swollen breasts at ovulation is this normal?

Swelling and tenderness of the breasts around ovulation time can be normal.

Breasts tender since ovulation?

This is normal - most women get tender breasts after ovulation up until their period starts

My breasts and nipples are sore to the touch is this normal its 2 weeks before my period?

Actually yes. As a guy, suprizing or not,Iv`e read about puberty & periods & breasts. It`s very normal.

Is ovulation and sore nipples sign of pregnancy or hormone imbalance?

You don't ovulate if you are pregnant and if you are not pregnant ovulation is perfectly normal.

Is it normal for a 12 year old to have sore breasts before they are on their period?

Yes, it is completely normal. Hard nipples, lumps under the nipples, and soreness are normal parts of puberty. If it's sore enough to be a problem, you can always see a doctor.

What could cause breasts and nipples to be heavy and extremely sore 2 weeks before period?

Two weeks is approximately the period of ovulation, and thus hormone levels are changing quickly. This is probably normal. If it's extreme, a doctor will need to do a proper examination.

Is it normal to have big breasts and small nipples?

Yes. Nipples are different depending on your skin type, color, etc. Having a tiny nose is just as normal.

What is the medical term meaning congenital absence of Nipples but otherwise normal breasts?

Athelia is the medical term meaning absence of nipples.

Will the breasts of a woman enlarge if she is aroused sexually?

No, but the nipples will, yet they will return to their normal size, however the female breasts will enlarge during pregnancy.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you do not normally have sore breasts but had very sore breasts and nipples the week prior to and the week following a normal period?

If the period wasn't normal yes. Because your period was normal, your not pregnant.

What causes nipple discharge?

this depends. if you have had a baby before, sometimes your breasts still leak milk. if you are young, your nipples sometimes give out a milk like discharge, which is totally normal.

Ovulation coinside with period?

No. In a normal cycle, ovulation occurs 12 to 16 days before the period.

Is it normal for your breasts to be tender a week before your cycle?

Yes, this is quite normal

Why are you having cramps weeks before your period?

This is normal. Women usually get cramps during ovulation and ovulation occurs a few weeks before your period

Is it normal for a 13 year old girls breasts to grow and shrink around her period?

Yes, it is normal to see vatiation in your breast size throughout your entire menstrual cycles but especially around ovulation and menstruation. The breasts are not growing or shrinking, the ducts in the breasts are swelling due to the effect of hormones on the breasts.

What does it mean if your nipples hurt?

If your nipples hurt or you have tender breasts it just means that your boobs are growing and you are getting ready to start your period or have your next period, in other words it is perfectly normal.

If there hard bumps behind your nipples at age 13 is it normal?

Structural development of the breasts will sometimes form hard tissue behind the nipples in both males and females, and is usually not a health concern.

Is it normal to have extremely sore breasts between ovulation and menstruation when you're not pregnant?

Yes, some women do get extremely sore breast premenstrually.

Why would you have sore breasts and nipples after your period is over?

That is completely normal after your period you are ovulating, and your body is telling you you are able to have a baby, but don't worry that is completely normal, and no it does not mean you are pregnant.

You have puffy nipples but small breasts is this normal?

If you are young then it is because the nipples are developing and the breasts are also growing, don't worry too much they should even out by the time you are ready to have babies. Remember, Breasts are for feeding Babies, they are not just sex toys for men. or fashion accessories. they do have a purpose although life would be boring without them.

Is it normal to feel pains before menral period?

Yes. Ovulation can also hurt.

Is it normal not to have much feeling in your breasts or nipples?

I think something like 10-20 % of women have this issue.Answeractually it's Avery very normal thing because ur breasts ,nipples and vagina are the most senstive parts of ur body and considered the most important parts to bring u a great eroticism.. u can also feel aspecial sense in ur breasts and sore in ur nipples when u r having sex or even don't ever worry bout that ..again it's too normal.

Is it normal to still have a tiny bit of milk in breasts after about 3 years?

Yes, if you keep squeezing your nipples they will continue to produce tiny anounts of milk.

Are hairy nipples normal?

Yes hairy nipples are normal for Men... but for girls they usually dont grow hair around the nipples.

Is it normal for your breasts to get sore and full before your period?

Yes this is very common