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If you love it and enjoy them then that's great.Wrestling is a beautiful obsession so if u obsessed with it don't think ur abnormal because the are many people out there also obsessed with it and so are the wrestlers

Answeryes it is fine to be obsessed because i am
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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 02:49:29
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Q: Is it normal to be obsessed with wrestling?
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Does Jennette McCurdy like wrestling?

Jennette mccurdy loves wrestling so much she is obsessed with it

Is being addicted to arm wrestling normal?

Why wouldn't it be normal? It's just arm wrestling.

Where can you find the names of old time wrestling referees?

'Obsessed With Wrestling' is a good place to look for that sort of thing, or even Wikipedia itself.

Is it normal to be obsessed with your ex?

yes it is from experience this is said I am obsessed with my ex I feel you I always try to dress like he is missing something so yes its normal

How old can you be to join wrestling?

6 for Normal Wrestling 14 for Professional Wrestling in Canada 16 for Professional Wrestling everywhere else

I am obsessed with Twilight and Robert Pattinson is this normal?

Yes :) ;D

Is it normal people with autism be obsessed with colors and numbers?

not really...................

How is catch wrestling different to normal wrestling?

In catch wrestling, you may do strangle hold moves, but in the US old rules they saw this as un-sports man like conduct from the normal style as well, but maybe seen in Shoot Professional wrestling in the USA and else where today, but not in Olympic wrestling which Catch wrestling is not an Olympic sport. In the Japan and Europe, they use these type moves of choking and strangle hold moves. Normal wrestling can be just grappling, but in catch wrestling it may consist of low kicks, throws, and sleeper holds and many other moves. What places did use Catch wrestling? UWF Bushido UFC (Also normal wrestling can be seen here) Hybrid wrestling

Is wrestling is fake?

WWE wrestling is fake. It;s just for entertainment. but normal wrestlng is a contact sport.

What paint that Jeff hardy use in wrestling?

Normal Paint

Can you wear Wrestling shoes as normal shoes?

only if you are not planning on bowling.

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No, your ex is very obsessed with you and she is crazy

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no, louis tomlinson is the best singer ever

What type of fantasies does a normal male have if they are attracted to a lady?

It depends on the person. Any fantasies are normal, however wierd they may seem to others, as long as they are kept as just fantasies and you do not get obsessed by them.

Am I weird because I love womans ass?

if you are obsessed then yes but if not then it would be consideres normal to a certain point

How do you get rid of a guy that is obsessed over you?

Obsession in a relationship is a very bad thing. There is a fine line between obsession and the normal feeling in the start of a relationship. If you suspect that you are obsessed or that your partner is obsessed with you then you need to seek help. An obsessed partner can become very dangerous very quickly. Some domestic violence issues are due to obsession and most abusers are obsessed. It is .not the end of a relationship but if you don't seek help it can get a whole lot worse. Call local police and report. you may asked the police if they can advice you.

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There are many people who are obsessed with their boyfriend. Not all people are going to be obsessed with their boyfriends though.

What is the meaning of self-obsessed?

A self-obsessed person is one who thinks about him/herself all the time.

What is the opposite of Self-obsessed?

The opposite of self-obsessed (egotistic, narcissistic) would be selfless, or unselfish.

Do sumo wrestlers become sumo wrestlers because they're too fat to become normal wrestlers?

No. Sumo wrestling and other wrestling have nearly nothing in common-most wrestling involves fighting on the mat-if you touch the floor in sumo you lose..

Which word means about the same as obsessed?


What is the German word for obsessed?

Besessen is the German for obsessed.

What is Tagalog of obsessed?

Tagalog Translation of OBSESSED: nahuhumaling

Is the obsessed a christian band?

is the obsessed a christain band

Were the ancient Egyptians obsessed with death or obsessed with life?

I would say niether. They weren't really obsessed, they just thought both were important. What they were really obsessed with was the harvest.