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mhmm because that means the muscle are spent and will be building mass in no time

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Q: Is it normal for your arms to be hard to lift up after weightlifting?
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Who invented weightlifting?

Nobody invented it, it's just evolved as an idea since we've been able to lift ourselves off the ground with our legs and arms.

What event in the Olympics do athletes lift weights?


What are strap ons used for in weightlifting contests?

Strap ons in weightlifting are used to promote focus on the pull part of the lift rather than the grip. They are used when performing the clean and jerk lift and the snatch.

What event in the Olympics where athletes try to lift weight?


What is a weightlifting contest?

it's contest to see who can lift the most weight.

What country has won the most awards for weightlifting?

countries can't lift weights, only humans can

Is it safe to lift weights when you're 11?

You should be through puberty before starting a weightlifting regimen.

Should 16 year olds lift weights?

If they want to lift weights it's perfectly fine. It's not like smoking, in weightlifting you can start at any age ;)

Doorway arms lifting magic how does this work stand in a doorway and press your wrists HARD against the frame for 30seconds pivot on spot and relax your arms HOW does THIS WORK?

your muscles are still contracting. Hence, your arms lift as a restult of not being able to let go

How do you get muscle on your arms?

Lift weights.

When did weight lifting first appear as an Olympic event?

In the Modern Olympics, weightlifting debuted at the first Games in Athens in 1896. There was competition in one handed lift and two handed lift.

How do you do the trick where someones closes there eyes and their guardian angel will lift up the persons arms?

The only thing I've ever heard that is similar to what you are asking is if you stand in an open door and push your arms really hard on each side of the door frame, then hold them like that for at least 30 seconds (maybe a full minute), then step out of the doorway with your arms completely relaxed. They should involuntarily lift upwards a bit.

What indicates a good lift in weightlifting?

That depends on what you mean by good. You have to have the proper form and have the weight under control the whole time.

Can weightlifting cause anxiety?

Yes, it can. Over stressing yourself to get that "perfect lift" can cause you to be anxious about doing anything else

World record for weightlifting for dead lift for high school freshman?

The most iv ever witness a freshman dead lift is around 515 at the shumans underclassmens combine in Columbus Ohio

Where and when did sumer Olympic weight lifting originate?

The first weightlifting events in the Modern Olympics took place at the 1896 Games in Athens. Events were held in the two hand lift (similar to clean and jerk) and one hand lift. Events were also held at the 1904 Games. Weightlifting became a constant Olympic event starting in 1920.

How does busty heart lift things?

with her arms?

How do you lift a car equipped with air ride on a hydraulic lift?

you just lift it as normal

Where did weightlifting originate?

it orginated in Europe when two boys were cleaning and were "competing" to lift the heaviest things. Thence weight lifting was born.

How would weightlifting be different on the moon then earth?

Wow. There is less gravity on the moon so inturn that makes it easier to lift weights.

What types of food do weightlifting Olympians eat?

Proteins so there body muscles can expand and lift more. Dairy for bone support.

How hard is it to lif weights if you don't exercise on a normal basis?

It may not feel hard but dont lift more than 15 lbs. Your body will struggle without you knowing it. It isnt good for you

How to convert Normal Force lbf to Lift lbf?

Lift lbf = (Normal force lbf) x (cosine of angle of attack)

What is a good weight for me me lift to build muscle in my arms I'm 14?

To build muscle in your arms, you should lift heavy. Heavy means heavy for you. Then you should eat a lot of food after lifting.

If you lift weights and eat a lot of proteins for two months will my arms get bigger?

No my exercising wont affect your arms