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Mandatory PATIf you are ahead it shows good sportsmanship not to run up the score so 1 point will do if it is a close offensive game then 2 might be a good idea, but might not be. If its near the end of the game and a team is down they will go for 2 points, if the score can be met by 8 points or less to tie, im hopes that they can recover an onside kick and get score. NewIt is mandatory to go for the extra point, now if the team wants to intentionally miss the pat it is their choice. You dont have to attempt the extra point, if you score at the end of the game and time runs out, and it is the go ahead score.

He is right you have no choice you have to go for the PAT

Yes. I've seen games where a team scored a go-ahead TD to win the game as time expired and the teams left the field, but the officials made the teams come back out for a PAT attempt. I think the rationale in the NFL is that the point could play a role in tiebreaker situations at the end of the season.

There is one exception, though: In overtime in the NFL, if a team scores a touchdown, the game is over, and no extra point is attempted. That's because of the nature of the NFL's sudden-death system, which of course states that the first team to score wins. So once a team scores, that's it by definition. Game over. Under the sudden-death rules, it would be impossible to add any more points.


A team may deline the opportunity to convert a touchdown if the Head Coach specifically informs the Referee that he wishes to do so. Otherwise, PAT will be assumed.

After every touchdown it is indeed mandatory to go for at least one extra point.

Exception: In high school and college, after 3 overtimes both teams are required to go for 2, and not the 1 point point try. The reason is that the 2 point conversion is much harder to score on, and since the game is already deep into the overtime attempts, this rule 'forces' the game to end sooner.

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Q: Is it mandatory to go for the 1 or 2 extra PAT?
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