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yes it is but most players aren't stupid enough to leave unlss they see a teamate .

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Q: Is it legal to yell 'leave' in soccer to cause a player on the other team to leave the ball for you?
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Is slide tackling completely illegal in soccer?

A slide tackle is legal in soccer. Touching the ball before touching the player is one of the requirements for a legal slide tackle, but is not the only requirement.

Is it legal to play soccer with your arms but not your hand?

No it is not legal to play soccer with your arms

Is a light slapp in the face on a child legal?

Not legal, but probably nothing will happen if it doesn't leave a mark or cause injury.

If a player in soccer is doing a throw-in and foot is half on line and half on field is that legal?

illegal. player must be completely off the playing field.

Aremetal soccer cleats legal?

Yes, they are legal.

Are spiked soccer cleats legal in high school soccer?


Is it legal for soccer goalkeepers to wear hand wraps?

In soccer, goalkeepers can wear any hand protection as long as it doesn't give them an unfair advantage and can't injure another player.

Is it legal to slide tackle in indoor soccer?

i think it is but u should ask a soccer coach

Is it legal to wear ankle weights in a soccer game?


Is a charge in the back of an soccer opponant legal?

No, it is ILLEGAL.

Is it legal to leave a bruise on a child's behind?

If we are talking about spanking etc no it is not legal to spank so hard you leave marks.

Is a slide takle a legal move in soccer?

Yes. If correctly executed.