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Is it legal to transport a paintball gun to Canada from the United States?

Yes it is. As long as it is not a replica you should have no problems. Don't have it assembled or aired.

And I hope you're not trying to take it carry-on on a plane...

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Q: Is it legal to ship paintball guns to Canada?
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Does airsoft gi ship to Canada?

only the Canada legal clear guns

Do stores ship paintball guns to san francisco?

They cannot ship black guns to CA

Is it legal to have a paintball gun shipped to Dubai?

yes. you can ship a paintball gun anywhere.

Can you ship paintball guns through the U.S?

Yes, I've done it before.

Is it legal to ship paintball guns to France or Belgium?

Yes it is completely legal to ship a marker. To do this, break down the marker, put it in a box and seal it throughly. If you have it, put the marker in the orginial casing. If you do these meansures you shouldn't have any problems.

Where can you get airsoft guns in Canada?

JC Surveillance will ship all Airsoft Guns to Canada. Also Chigun Hobbies.

Is it legal to ship a paintball gun to san francisco?

Yes. I wouldn't take it through an airport but shipping is perfectly legal.

How much does Paintball cost?

At a place called Jeggers it is about $10.00 for 100 paintballs. they also have member ship that makes the cost go down. and finally they have a store where you can buy paintball clothes and guns.

Can you ship paintball guns internationally?

Yes you can, but be careful that the marker is not gased up and some stuff is taken apart (barrel off and in case) Make sure to mark the package as a paintball marker, NOT a gun

Does have free shipping to Canada?

no they dont and cant ship any guns, even if have orange tip to canada

Are there any airsoft sites that sell only clear airsoft guns that ship to Canada or that have some clear guns?

check out

Is it legal to ship guns to Canada?

Yes, provided you obtain permission from US and Canadian governments by filing the appropriate paperwork ahead of time and the guns are not of the type illegal to posses in Canada. Check with the Department of State for export regs and with Canadian Customs for import regs. Regulations change, be sure to get them from the source.

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