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Yes you can. Im the best woohoo go C.Doyle. OMG I answer you question. :) lol lol lol lol OMG WOO HOO!

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Q: Is it legal to play both hands left and right in badminton?
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Are female badminton and male badminton different?

No. There are same rules for both

Is badminton just a girls sport?

No. Both men and women play the sport of badminton.

What are the skills of the right handed and left?

The ability to grasp something with both hands Also, able to grasp 2 different things with both hands

What do you call person who can write with both hands?

when somebody can right with both hands with equal strength then you call it ambidextrous and what a coincidence i am ambidextrous.

Is the clarinet meant for the right hand or left?

Both. You use both hands to play the clarinet.

What word is used to describe someone who is neither left or right handed but can use both hands with equal ease?

A person with equal preference for using both hands is called ambidextrous. It apparently came from words meaning "two right hands."

What is an easy way to remember left and right?

Hold out both your hands in front of you. Extend both your thumb and index finger on both hands. The hand that forms the letter "L" will be your left hand. or Put your right hand over ur heart. >.<

How do you be called who writes in right and left hand?

A person who can write with both the right and left hands are ambidextrous .

How much bacteria are on your hands right now?

It depends. are your hands dirty or clean? Even though you have clean hands, the bacteria swaying in the air catch hold on your hands. So right now, you might approximately have 7,000,000 bacteria on BOTH of your CLEAN hands!

What does amdidextrous mean?

that one has equel use of both left and right hands

What is the meaning of the word ambidextrous?

Ambidextrous means able to use both hands equally well. Ambi- is from the Greek for both.

What does ambedexterous mean?

Ambedexterous means: a person who is able to use both hands equally, instead of right or left handed. You can train yourself to use both hands equally.