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No, there must be reasonable doubt that the first ball is either out of bounds or lost for a second shot to be able to be hit.

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Q: Is it legal to hit second shot from tee if first is playable?
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Second chance for first shot in Golf?

A second chance at your first shot in golf is referred to as a "mulligan". Of course, it is not within the Rules of Golf, but weekend players do it all the time.

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Second shot from a tee box?

If you just hit a ball out of bounce from the tee box or if you don't know if you did you can call for a provisional ball. You would hit your second shot from the tee box "your provisional shot" and see if you can find the first ball. If you can't and your provisional ball is in play then you have play provisional ball and you accrue a 1 shot penalty stroke also. If you find your first shot off of the tee then you pick up your provisional ball and play your first tee shot. No penalty if you find your first tee shot and you can play it. So, the second shot from the tee box would be considered a provisional shot.

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