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Yes, it is legal to hit a Baseball one-handed.

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Q: Is it legal to hit a baseball one handed?
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Can you hit right handed for one pitch and then left handed for next pitch?

No, you can at your next at-bat.

What was it like playing golf on moon?

I enjoyed it.The Astronaut who played golf on the moon hit two shots, one was a one handed six iron which he shanked, the other a one handed six iron which he hit 350 yards!

What is the one handed shot in baseball known as?

it's called strike your out!

What is a one handed bump in volleyball?

it is when you just hit the ball with one wrist, like putting your arm out to get it and you hit it, it doesn't hurt so don't be afraid to hit it.

Out of 21 baseball players 7 of them were right handed what is the fraction of right handed players?

seven over twenty one which reduces to one over three or one third

How far did he hit the golf ball on the moon?

A one handed 6 iron, it went 300 yards.

Did Jorge Posada ever hit left handed against a left handed pitcher?

No, never - he has only broken the switch-hitting code once, batting right-handed against Tim Wakefield for one at bat in 2000. He walked.

Are there any left handed catchers in Major League Baseball?

most definitely not. even if someone were a capable left handed catcher no manager would allow one on their team.

How does Atticus prove that Ewell is the one that hit Mayella?

by making him write out his name, so he could prove that he is left handed.

Should you use a one-handed or two-handed backhand in tennis?

The answer is that it depends on the type of groundstroke you want to produce. Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick both use a two-handed backhand to create enormouse top spin and strength. However, it is more difficult to reach a wide range of shots. A one-handed backhand allows versatility and you can hit wicked slice with it.

Is synyster gates lefted handed?

No, Zacky Vengeance is the left-handed one.

Do left hand baseball players do better than right hand baseball players?

It doesn't really matter. Both hands, whichever side, are writing hands, so they are completely equal depending on which one you use. I don't think it matters if your left handed or right handed in playing baseball.