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Yes if you dont double dribble and you have to keep dribbling unless you are already on the ground then you may not unless you want to get called for it

If you some how keep the ball still dribbling while you come up than yes but fi you are in that position just pass it to your teammate.

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โˆ™ 2007-10-27 18:50:22
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Q: Is it legal to get up after diving on a loose ball while dribbling?
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Is skipping while dribbling legal in basketball?


Is it legal while dribbling to bounce the ball over the height of your shoulder and continue dribbling?

That is legal, as long as your hand only touches the top hemisphere of the ball.

Could you shield the ball while dribbling?

yes you can shield the ball while your dribbling.

Can you jump while continue dribbling in basketball?

Yes. It is not possible to travel while dribbling. The height of the dribble is also irrelevant.

How many steps can be taken while dribbling the basketball?

You're allowed to take as many steps as needed while dribbling the basketball, but while not dribbling and driving to the hoop, you're only allowed 2 steps while holding the basketball running towards the goal.

What are the techiques of dribbling a ball?

Well, you should look up while dribbling, keep dribbiling too.

Is it possible for a player to travel while dribbling in basketball?


You see a diver-down flag while boating You are not involved in the diving operation What is your legal obligation?

6000.09780 Mi

What is dribbling in field or ice hockey?

Dribbling is moving the ball with your stick while running. The goal is to outmaneuver your opponent and maintain possession of the ball.

What are two violations that can occur while dribbling?

Double dibble and carry

What is it called when your moving the ball with the feet while maintaining control?


What is it called when your not dribbling the ball with one hand while running or walking?


What violation has occurred if you place your hand under the basketball while dribbling?

A Carry.

How do you describe dribbling passing and shooting in soccer?

dribbling is getting past the opposition player passing is giving the ball to a teammate While shooting is Kicking the football to find the net

What is moving down a basketball court while bouncing the ball called?

it is called dribbling

Can you fish while scuba diving?

yes you can

How does the peregrine falcon attain such high speeds when diving?

Its a power dive. It actively flies while it is diving.

What is basic dribbling in basketball?

they way u move the ball by bouncing it on the ground actually here is a better answer. Dribbling is when you bounce the the ball on the ground while walking or running and you keep control of the ball

What are the aims of dribbling in soccer?

Dribbling is a means to move around the field while controlling the ball at the same time. Different techniques can also be used to get through defenders and to open space for teammates.

How do you hold the basketball while dribbling?

Very easily, but it takes skill because it can easily become a traveling violation. Just practice hesitation, basic dribbling moves and it will soon become easy.

What does Stl mean in basketball stats?

the player stole the basketball from another player while they were dribbling

What does 'picking pockets' mean in basketball?

it means that you steal it while the opponent is dribbling

Can you travel with the basketball on the basketball court?

nope Why not. When you walk with the ball with out dribbling it is considered traveling. The rules of basketball require a player who has the ball to bounce it against the floor all the while they are moving. Bouncing is dribbling.

What would you find while scuba diving?


What kind of energy is used when diving?

Diving uses gravitational energy to make the diver fall, and chemical energy to enable the diver to control his or her muscles while diving.