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Q: Is it legal to drive a dirt bike on city streets in MN?
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Is it legal to drive a box?

If it has brakes, seat-belts, lights, a working speedometer and odometer... if you can get it registered and insured than it is legal to drive on city streets and highways.... Good luck!

What outdoor activities is legal?

Riding bikes on city streets

Can you ride ATV's on city streets?

No, it is not street legal.

What vehicles are legal to drive in CA without a drivers license?

none. off road vehicles used for off road purposes only do not require a license. an unlisenced driver can drive off road but is not legal to drive on the city streets or public higways.

How can you get a motocross bike on grand theft auto vice city for a ps2?

look for it on the streets.

Can you ride a dirt bike on city streets in Edina Minnesota?

Should not be a problem. Unless the PIGS catch you!

In which Italian city can you not drive a car?

Venice. You can drive a car within the city limits, but most of the city is on islands, and divided by waterways and sidewalks instead of streets.

Is it legal to ride 4 wheeler on city streets in Tennessee?

Can you make a 4 wheeler street legal in tennessee

Are Country roads as easy to drive as city streets?

No if its wet you would have to drive through mud, and usually country roads are sandy, which means its easier to slide of the road.

Was reldene drive bombed in world war 2?

Contact the city historian of the city where Reldene Drive is located. He or she would have the records of the streets bombed in World War 2 in that city.

What are the laws for driving a golf cart on the city streets of easley sc?

No law. Drive them on the street.

Is it legal to ride a dirt bike on public roads outside of city limits as long as it's not on a highway?

It depends on the state and the type of bike.