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It is illegal to commit battery. It does not matter whether or not you know a martial art. You are always allowed to defend yourself, but you better be able to show that it was self defense and not an over reaction.

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Q: Is it illegal to use martial arts on a person who doesn't know martial arts?
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Are nunchucks illegal in Sacramento?

Well it depends, are you in Martial Arts. If your not they ARE illegal for you, But however you are in Martial Arts then there NOT illegal.

Who would a person contact to complain about a martial arts person sucker punching another person?

If they were not in a competition, they should call the police. They have committed the crime of battery, which is illegal.

Is it illegal to use martial arts on someone who doesn't know martial arts?

No, it is not illegal as a specific matter of law. However, you will be subject to the consequences of your actions, which could include criminal charges and civil lawsuits.

How long would it take for a person to learn martial arts?

To learn one martial art is impossible. Learning in martial arts does not end.

What was the name of the Indian prince who invented martial arts?

no single person invented martial arts - there's a 'fairy tale' that an Indian prince took martial arts to china' but the truth is that in south America (Brazil) japan and other countries around the globe martial arts became popular because of combat with other countries therefore no single person invented it

Can a person with seizures practice mixed martial arts?

A person can do whatever they want to.

What is the creator of martial arts name?

Martial arts have developed over many many centuries in many different places. It was not created by a single person.

What are some reasons that people practice martial arts?

There are many reasons that people practice martial arts, the reason vary from person to person. Suffice to say that a certain physical and mental well being, tends to be an outcome of the discipline required from most martial arts. It can be assumed that people who practice Martial Arts, to some degree or another, seek to better themselves physically or mentally.

What are the significant characteristics of arnis martial arts that make it different from other martial arts?

the Arni's Martial Arts have a rattan stick. while the other martial arts have no weapon

Who is the best person at martial arts?

Ustad IP and Bruce Lee

How was martial arts created?

The martial arts was started when one person hit another person. Unfortunately there is no sexy story or history of how Martial arts was started. additionally Marital arts is generally thought of by most people as being something that came from China/Japan. However any combat style is a martial art. This includes boxing, sword fighting, stick fighting, nunchaku, etc.

Can a person be an adept?

The noun form is not as frequently used as the adjective, meaning proficient, or highly skilled. Examples : He was an adept in martial arts. (noun) He was adept at martial arts. (adjective)