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No, it's not illegal. Rick Barry shot like that, and no ref said it was illegal.Plus, he had an 81% shooting average.

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no if your foot stays behind the line

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Q: Is it illegal to jump behind the foul line during a freethrow?
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What muscles are used during basketball foul shot?

the muscles used in shooting a freethrow are the legs,and the arms

What is foul shot?

A foul shot is a shot that a player is granted if he/she is fouled while shooting the ball. It is shot from the freethrow line. If the player made his/her shot, then they get one, if he/she missed they get two, and if they are fouled while shooting a three-pointer, they get three freethrows, or foul shots

Is a foul to pull down another player's shorts during a game?

Any illegal contact can be called a foul but it's up to the ref. You could be pulled from game entirely for conduct

What is the word for illegal manoeuvre in sport?

The word for illegal manoeuvre in sport is a foul. The referee will either warn or penalize the offender depending on the magnitude of the foul.

What is an offensive foul?

Offensive foul is a breach of the rules that concerns illegal personal contact with an opponent.

In tennis what is an illegal serve called?

A fault.

Can you trip from behind in soccer?

Yes you can! But it's a foul.

Is it illegal for man to talk to kids?

It is not illegal for a man to talk with kids. It may be illegal if he used foul language and sexual content in talking with them.

What is the meaning of cry foul?

to say that something that has happened is unfair or illegal

When the home plate umpire is behind the plate is he in fair territory?

No. The Home Plate Umpire, the Catcher, and the Batters are in foul territory, because they are all positioned behind the foul lines.

What are the fouls of basketball?

Technicals, charge, reach, bartending, double dribble, up and down, holding, tripping, pushing, punching, elbowing, team foul, offensive foul, over the back, hand checking, illegal screen, illegal blocking, fighting foul, flagrant foul, loose ball foul, away from the play foul, double foul and blocking. whew. that's a lot 2 type in at once.

What is the homograph for foul?

A homograph for "foul" is as in the sports term for an unfair or illegal play.