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Depends on the country. In most country it is not illegal.

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Q: Is it illegal to gamble online?
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Is gambling online illegal for under-aged kids?

gambling of any kind is illegal if youre underage. legally you can gamble online at age 18

Is it illegal to gamble in Texas?


Can you gamble while on parole in the state of Texas?

you cant gamble in Texas (period). Its illegal

Is it illegal to gamble over xbox live?

You cant really gamble over Xbox live.

What is the legal age to gamble online?

Legal age is mostly 18+ in online casinos but some allow 21+ to gamble online.

What state is it legal to gamble at the age of 18?

You can Gamble online. There are online casinos online that you can play, even though you are only eighteen.

Is it illegal to gamble online in the US?

It is legal to gamble online in the USA, the problem is funding an online casino account because the current UIGEA law. Many online casinos stop accepting bets from USA because of this, though there are still online gambling sites that accept USA players. Here you can find some USA online casinos.

Was it ever illegal to gamble in Las Vegas?

A 1910 law made it illegal to gamble in Las Vegas, but in 1931 Gambling was again made legal in Las Vegas.

Can you gamble online in the state of California?

Yes you can gamble online from the state of California as there is no federal, or state law against it.

Is it illegal to make slot machines?

No.. but it is illegal to gamble, so don't unless you own a casino.

What is the legal age to gamble in a casino in Kentucky?

The legal age to gamble in Kentucky is 21. You can gamble online from Kentucky at age 18. Find reputable online casinos at

What casinos can you gamble at in Atlantic City NJ at 18 years of age?

None, you have to be 21. It is illegal to gamble at 18 in New Jersey.

Is Argosy Online casino legal to gamble in all states in the US?

There are currently no online casinos that are considered legal in the United States. There are countries where it is legal to bet and to gamble online.

Are there any cities without gambling?

Yes, maybe. in some cities, gambling is illegal, but it doesn't mean that there is no gambling activity. There's underground gambling. You can also gamble online. You can bet online. There is also what we call online sports betting, which is the new trend online.

How old do you have to be to gamble at a casino in AZ?

In Arizona to gamble in a casino you must be 21 years or older. To Gamble online, players must be 18 and over.

Why is it illegal to gamble in Utah and Hawaii?

Cause mormons dont like it

Is Online Gambling getting more popular and is there a website where one could gamble?

Online Gambling is now considered the #1 source of revenue of all online business. You can gamble at many popular online casinos.

Do teanagers gamble online?

Most of them probably do.

What websites still allow people in Kentucky to gamble?

Players in Kentucky are able to gamble online at any USA friendly online casino at age 18.

Is it illegal for a casino to offer gifts to guests to get them to gamble more?

Yes, Offering money to lure or to Bribe is illegal at gambling

Who do you contact about illegal gambling in Georgia?

It depends...are you looking to report illegal gambling to the authorities, or are you looking for a place to gamble illegally?

Is it illegal for teenager to gamble?

In many Jurisdictions, gambling under age is illegal. Those ages vary from 18-21.

Where Can you legally gamble?

online gamble is very legal from what ever place you are and its more fun and also without limitations.

Is online sportsbetting illegal?

That depends in what country you live in. Gambling is legal in almost all countries though. Some of the countries that is illegal to gamble online are USA and France. You can find review of BF which is one of the best online gambling sites at this link

Is it illegal to play cards in a bar?

It may not illegal to play cards in a bar - what may be illegal is to GAMBLE in a bar. You will have to check your local statutes and ordnances for the answer to this particular question.

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