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No it is not.

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Q: Is it illegal in the state of Ga for a felon to play paintball?
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Are paintball guns legal in Japan?

Paintball is not illegal in Japan. You can play at the related link.

Can you play paintball in state parks?


Is paintball illegal in some cities?

It is Illegal to play paintball inside city limits, unless you are at a legitimate field or have a large (enclosed with proper net) private property.

Where should you play paintball?

In any woods you own, or at a public field. Anywhere else is illegal.

How many people play paintball in Canada?

people who play paintball play because some of them want to be in the military or law enforcement or to experience paintball

Where do paintball players play at?

paintball fields or on their property.

Where do people play paintball?

At paintball facilities, or their own property.

Can a 10 year old play on a paintball tournament?

No, you must be 11 to play paintball in the US.

Is playing paintball with underage kids in your backyard legal?

If the children are not old enough to play at a certified field, then it is more than likely illegal. The average age for a field is around 10 to 13 years of age, depending on state or local laws. The legal age to purchase a paintball marker is 18, but can be used by a minor with consent.

What are the laws of paintball in Ohio?

Similar to most states. Keep the gun away in public, don't shoot in public, only take it out in a paintball shop or field. Do not fire towards houses. Basically, any firearm rules apply to paintball.

How counties play paintball?

I don't know how many counties, but ove 100 countries play paintball.

What state is it illegal to play the fiddle?

You can play the fiddle in all 50 States.